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Woverdude Project Manager
Jan 26 2013 Anchor

This board is for announcing, discussing, or requesting mods that are specifically designed for Oblivionauts.

Mod Announcements:

If you have made a mod for Oblivionauts, please feel free to announce it here. Make sure and provide a download link.

When posting a mod announcement, put "MOD:" at the beginning of the title.


If you would like a mod to be made for Oblivionauts, first consider making it yourself. If you don't have the experience, but would like to get into moddding, then this is the place to start. If not, then you can request that someone else make one. Explain what you would like clearly, and explain why it would benefit the community. If someone sees your request and wants to fulfill it, then they can reply appropriately.

If your request reveals a significant problem or deficiency, then the development team will try to address it in the next version release.

When posting a request, put "REQUEST:" at the beginning of the thread's title.


Feel free as well to simply discuss your favorite mods for Oblivionauts. Keep it civil. :)

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