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Your name is Henry Smith. Your house burns down for mysterious reasons after a long night. You escape the burning house and gets lost in the forest. After a couple of hours you eventually find a small house. The only thing you can do is to get help. What you don't know, is that the house keeps a secret. A huge secret. A secret which only leads to Oblivion... As the theme of hell is in focus, the memories of your dead wife and child haunts you... After they got murdered two months ago, you moved away from civilization, to isolate yourself from humanity. Maybe you should have stayed where you were.

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I donĀ“t even know what to say about this mod.

I did not even finish it but I give it 9/10. From what I could see I can say:

+ very long
+ lots of work input
+ custom entities of different kinds
+ good mix of conservative and innovative design
+ custom soundtrack that makes quite a atmosphere but after some times it gets a little bit annoying
+ it is trying to be scary and there are lot of opportunities when you may be scared

- misplaced objects! Oh my lord I have never seen such good custom story with so much misplaced objects. There are missing textures, some things are glitching, floating in the air, holes in the walls and other things.
- some of the logical parts are too over - complicated and it is making you spend too much time in the same area searching for key or other item to progress.
- some areas are really rushed in comparison to the well made ones

Overally: The custom story is good but it lacks balance. There are a lot of good things to say but lots of bad things to say. I liked it a lot but it may get frustrating in some parts.

For me, this was an EPIC adventure! No cheap jumpscares, the gameplay is smooth, even though the maps can be big at times it's not a problem because every room is specific with details.

I give it a 9/10 EVEN if I really missed voice acting!! I think that would make it even more interesting and appealing to the public.


amazing custom story. suspenseful, lots of custom monsters unique endings and boss battles. i would rate higher if i could really is a must play

good CS but you can do better


Humeba says

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Awesome mod. A few minor glitches in the textures. A couple of unnecessary items that were never used, for example the ladder and 2 rusty keys. Could have used more notes to let you know what to do. But all in all I really loved this mod. I will be tracking the developer to know when the next mod is released. Keep up the good work!


PuerNomine says

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I loved how minimalistic this mod was. It really pushes the artistic elements of Amnesia, making for an incredibly engrossing experience. I think a lot of other reviewers are missing the point of the original game, which was not to play to win but to put yourself into an environment, and this mod captures that almost perfectly. The atmosphere was stunning - the beginning establishes that you were in the freezing cold, an element I never lost over the long course of the game. The empty rooms, vacant buildings, and icy landscapes were all incredibly creepy, and searching for items in these gigantic environments was actually quite fun. Kind of like an old "I Spy Spooky Mansion" computer game I used to play, but with monsters who will kill you. I've seen other complaints, but I thought the pacing here was masterful. The dog was awesome, as was the final environment. Basically a super-long buildup for a great ending. Personally, I thought it was really cheap having the narrator collapse towards the end without any real explanation and the game transferring from sneaking around in dark corners to a generic escape and then the usual "I've been expecting you" nonsense. The biggest problem, by far, though, was that I had to start over near the very end. I never got the hammer (and didn't even know there was one) and then got stuck in the cell where the hammer was needed to escape. I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but this game needs to be updated to either add a second way to escape the cell or make getting the hammer mandatory to move on at an earlier stage.


ShiningBlader says

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Greatly improved in the 1.1 version. The beginning was kinda slow but the end definitely makes up for it. The ending was kinda sad though...

The mansion was really creepy. Those custom sounds really made me shout "SHUT UP!" for over half an hour. Brilliant I must say.

Some silent monsters here and there where great as well

I also liked the monsters puzzles such as the one where you wait for the monster to open the gate and the other where you have to attract one of the enemies into a bridge. Very cool and well done, except for the former: I thought it was too dark and when I've noticed, I was already being chased by the dog. Took me forever though...

But in the end... brilliant CS. Really enjoyed :)


FoxfyreRecluse says

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This was a story that had a very slow and boring beginning, but had an ending that was pretty stunning.

-It was a pretty long custom story.
-There was a variety of monsters and a story to back the variety.
-It has a 3 ending choice system, (I played the hero ending).
-I was playing with a friend, and there was a point where I got really far ahead of him by touching an orb. This was as soon as I got to the top floor of the grand hall. I went on to get captured, while my friend was finding keys and unlocking doors I had never heard of. Is this part of the ending split, or did I just skip a portion of the story?

Good things:
-One of the few custom stories that has a solid plot line that is easy to follow.
-The hell environments were really cool and unique.
-No stupid jump scares, but instead some naturally startling events.
-Hero ending chase sequence was fun.

-The beginning was meant to be fast paced, but stacking boxes simply kills the pace.
-Earlier maps were very empty and boring.
-Puzzles were just finding keys, (I don't really like maps that just go from room to room finding keys, but I know you are aware that this is the kind of story you've made since you comment about it in the description and mention it in the story itself).
-Clipping textures.
-It is quite clear that you had great ideas for the ending, but the beginning is just simply filler and story build up.
-Items weren't spread out well. I ended up having a ton of laudanum and sanity potions by the end. There were points where oil was very scarce and other part where there was lots of oil to spare.


In my opinion it was ONE of the best/most enjoyable custom stories ive played and ive played probably all of the best ones so yeah :) Good job.

Giving it a 6 as well.

As said by other people, the rooms are pretty empty, the gameplay is just search key->door.
I did not get scared once and got bored way before the end. I was when it was finished.
Minimalist story.

But there has been some work, it's kinda long too, therefore it deserves above the average.

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