A sequel to RA2/YR: Nod's Revenge imagines the original Command & Conquer (Tiberian Dawn) as taking place in an environment not long after Yuri's defeat...

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The 2019 update to Nod's Revenge features an enhanced solo skirmish and LAN experience in a tiberium-style. With more devastating AI enemies, more combat effects & animations, and many new-but-familiar Command and Conquer units; Nod's Revenge v.0.92 introduces exciting new strategies to each of the 3 Yuri's Revenge sides while feeling like a natural evolution of the Red Alert timeline into the Tiberian universe. _____________

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THE STORY*******************************************************

Yuri was defeated. The world breathed a collective sigh of relief, only to realize something was still not quite right. Rumors began to spread about the secret use of time-travel in the previous wars against the Soviets. No one knew what kind of long-term impact the use of chrono technology might have on the fragile planet. Worldwide riots soon forced a hasty disbanding and disassembly of all of Einstein’s chrono-shifters.

In the months following Yuri’s defeat, leaders all across the collapsed Soviet Union began to mysteriously disappear. The supposedly victorious Allied Nations slipped back behind their borders as U.N. troops stepped-up to relieve peacekeeping operations in the many war-torn cities around the world. Back in the United States, it was all the Defense Forces could do to simply maintain order and relocate thousands of displaced civilians in the wake of two prolonged conflicts.

Terrorism began to spread at an alarming rate in U.N. occupied cities, but peacekeepers believed many of the bombings could be traced to a common source. Some captured militants called themselves “The Brotherhood”; others, “The Black Hand”. Most captured suspects claimed allegiance simply to “Nod”, and investigations confirmed that agents of this organization had been present at almost every level of Soviet leadership since the First Great War – possibly sooner.

Its not certain what connections Yuri had to the Brotherhood of Nod, but the fact that Nod was a well-kept secret until after Yuri's defeat has led many to suspect an alliance.

Civilian reports began to trickle-in about strange lifeforms and poison gas in regions near ruined Yuri bases. Although Allied commanders refused to comment on the reports, the U.N. issued a decree for the formation of an anti-terrorism and HAZMAT containment operation named the “United Nations Global Defense Initiative”. UNGDI solders were on the ground within weeks in the regions around the destroyed Yuri outposts, but they were not the first...


GDI containment units discovered illegally armed harvesting operations in the contaminated zones. Not only did the hazardous materials found by GDI seem to have spread far beyond the Yuri storehouses, but they were also being nurtured and protected by mercenaries and scavengers. Bolstered with abandoned allied and soviet weapons, the armed defenders of Yuri’s secrets bore the colors of the Brotherhood of Nod.

The most dangerous of Nod’s secured assets was a poisonous green crystal (called “Tiberium” by most Nod crews) that grew like grass on the ground and thrived when exposed to other mineral deposits. GDI immediately began designing harvesting vehicles based on captured Nod equipment in order to safely collect and contain the poisonous Tiberium crystals. The back-and-forth between GDI Forces and Nod Militants over sectors poisoned by Tiberium showed no signs of slowing down, as both sides began to utilize methods for extracting profit from the harvested crystals. The conflict came to be known as the First Tiberium War.

The Brotherhood of Nod's silent infiltration into world governments over the centuries had witnessed the failure of multiple empires to accomplish their objectives, and it is still uncertain whether Yuri was a powerful rogue or a clever pawn in this game of thrones . . .

Whatever his loyalties, it seems Yuri had successfully sown the seeds for Nod’s Revenge.


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So this will do what C&C Renegade 2 was supposed to?
Lead from YR to TD?

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Bucknife Author

Exactly. We've tried to incorporate as many themes from C&C Renegade as we can, which combined with RA2 tech ends up feeling a little like a grounded Tib-crisis alt-reality.

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Tib-Crisis felt grounded when I played it; in the skirmish department.
Still, I'd rather have a story like Tib-Crisis than that one game that shall never be named.

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Is this playable in campaign?

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Bucknife Author

Unfortunately, the stock Yuri campaign does not work while playing Nod's Revenge.

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