This is a mod for Dawn of war: Dark Crusade/Dawn of War: Soulstorm (Dawn of War Orginal/and Dark Crusade is needed). What this mod does is just as the name says: Deletes all limits. You can build how many as you want of any unit/building. I think there is still some small bugs but I think you can live with them. The Squad- and Vehiclecap is changed to 0, but all units required cap is also changed to 0. So this mod make that you can build unlimited amounts of units, as long as the map is big enough (hehe). But I have to warn you: you may experience heavy lag when playing this mod, so a tip, set your graphics at low, so your chance to experience lag is smaller. This mod also does that you don't need any complicated tactics, it's just to build units and attack. Well, hope you find this mod fun anyway.

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Awesome, i won't even play this game with limits, anymore.

Nice mod, but still has bugs up to day, for example, you can't upgrade Scout Squads or Termintor Squads.


Excellent mod, though I prefer to play with limit on command and some relic units. But anyway, good work!


could use a little more work, and please make it so the player can have inf commanders, and no limit for waaagh banners you know so that they could be placed anywhere on the map whithout restriction, thanks for reading hope it will happen soon :-)


Make it so that you can still only get one of the commander and special units.


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