by Imperial Officer

Important! This addon is intended for playing with GAW mod version 0.6. You must install this mod before installing this addon. Otherwise, the addon will not work!


This addon brings some variety to the infantry of the Empire faction, adding many varieties that were both in the Expanded Universe, Legends, and in the Canon, but which for some reason were not added to GAW or are still in development. Also, here you can find the types of units that were invented by Star Wars fans, my own headcanon and fanon units, based on my concepts as much as possible. In addition, this addon will also add various stuff, weapons, items, some types of vechicles, new sounds, music, fixes and much more in the future. For now, I've limited myself to the new types of breeds and retextures of the units available in the mod, however, if I can learn the basics of importing models and working in 3D Max, I can try to import third-party models into the game or make my own kitbash. I will welcome any help in this direction and will be grateful to anyone who can help me step by step through the basics of 3D Max and the steps required to work with models.

Original GAW mod here.

GAW Discord server here.

NIP Discord server here.


No duplicate content! I always try to stick to this rule to avoid duplicates. There will always be the possibility that some of the content I add may be officially added to GAW. This also applies to my temporary replacements for units, the development of which is nearing completion at GAW. In all these cases, this content will be removed by me promptly in interim updates.


If you would like to suggest adding something like reskins, breeds, troopers, and stuff, feel free to. Leave them in the comments on this page. I will listen to them with pleasure and take note of them. However, remember one important thing: at the moment I can only do what will use resources from GAW. Proposals to import new models from scratch are not currently being considered. I also accept any fanon and headcanon ideas from you and artwork from Deviant Art. Sometimes very good ideas can be found there. However, I will only implement what can be done from the resources available in GAW. Cases that require modifying the model or importing a new one will not be considered. Thank you!


HeAd3r - for the help and great tutorials, and for the time he gave me to guide me into the basics of modding MoWAS2. Without it, this addon would not exist.

MR.BLOODMOON - for inspiration and moral support. It is very nice to have like-minded people!

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Greetings! Now the addon has its own server! You can make your suggestions for content and discuss the addon there.



2091riveraisrael - - 41 comments

Awesome I am making a Star Wars Mod out of the Galaxy at War Mod, only it is based off of the Invasion of Earth, where you play as the Earth Resistance during Operation Orbital.

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HazeTheMachine - - 125 comments

Nice work mate, i wish GAW used more BO2 head models with variety of textures instead of just, Gmod clone army
but a man can dream, right?

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Dr.STAHP Creator
Dr.STAHP - - 15 comments

Yeah, sure.

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