A mod with tons of custom weapons, new gore stuff, ninja replacements for force powers, and other random things. This was completely a for-fun project and it turned out quite nicely. Made by Rich Whitehouse.

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NOTE: I (Petzi) am only copy-pasting thing review from Jediknight3.filefront.com . I did not write it, it was written by the AmosMagee.

Sometimes a mod comes along that just really enhances the game. One of them was the one by Slice 'n Dice. This Ninja mod reminds me of that one, but it is still unique.

I must warn you that this is an incredibly bloody mod. So if that's not your cup of tea, steer clear of this. Otherwise, download it and play it a bit - even with just a few bots. It's a great mod. Usually when I test something, I just play for a few minutes, but I spent a good half hour testing each weapon and I had a lot of fun playing it. Quite a few things have changed. You have no force. But trust me, you won't miss it. The game focuses on melee and weapon combat. There are some great new special moves for melee and for some of the weapons. There's this one move with one of the star thingies, that is just a lovely spin move. You have to see it. Not sure there's a screenshot down there of it - but a screenie wouldn't do it justice anyway. The HUD has completely changed - for the better. There are no pickups, so there's no point in running from your enemy. You can throw your weapon, so if you're a good aim, you could probably chop someone's head off in one toss of a blade.

This is a great mod that revives JA somewhat for me. If you've grown weary of the same old sabering, give this mod a shot. It might breathe new life into an old game for you. smile



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