In this mod you will play Nina, the youngest sister of the fallen Sith Lord Tavion. Like her sister, Nina has a strong connection with The Force but has chosen to use her skills in a different way. Nina is neither a Jedi nor a Sith, she's a bounty hunter, who doesn't bother much about philosophical questions. She just wants to find her place in the galaxy. However, after she learnt the death of her sister, Nina decided to hold an inquiry regarding the true reasons of Tavion's death. That's why her journey begins where all ended for Tavion, on the planet Korriban where the remnant have established a secret outpost. During her journey Nina will have to seize her destiny and choose between light and dark. Character : Nina : Species : Human Age : 19 (standard ) Occupation : Bounty hunter Weapons : one her mother's lightsaber; personal bowcaster. This will be a long going series, so stay tuned.

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I must say I'm impressed with this series! I highly recommend it. Decent storylines, excellent level design, fun and engaging gameplay.


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Played through Nina 1.5

It was fantastic.

Did you want more story? Did you want more well-developed SP levels?
Well you're in luck, you've found it.

The map making was great. The story is interesting. The approach is amazing; you're not a jedi or sith... you are a confused young bounty hunter looking for answers.

I shot a storm trooper on a ledge, he fell from the ledge, onto my character, and damaged my character. 10/10

cool ;)


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