Night Of The Living Dead (v1.11) is a challenging mod map designed for Star Wars Battlefront, released on October 31st 2014, with an innovative wave-based style of apocalyptic zombie survival. A wide variety of enemy units are featured, including over a dozen types of zombies and deadly military soldiers. NOTLD also features scaling enemy number spawns for each each difficulty setting, utilizing advanced mission LUA scripts in order to provide a much greater fluctuation of challenge between difficulties. A team of 6 random civilians (5 playable, 1 NPC) who have barricaded themselves inside an old farmhouse are determined to survive the horrifying onslaught of undead walking corpses thirsting for fresh human blood. Should your team happen to survive the zombie mayhem for over 20 minutes, a heavily armed military squad equipped with powerful vehicles will spawn from the west for final extermination. You must defend the farmhouse from being overrun by zombies and successfully defeat the m

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