A massive-scale total conversion based on the New Republic and New Jedi Order eras, and the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

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An overview of the new GCs, heroes, units, land maps and features coming up in v0.6.

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What’s coming in 0.6

In the shadow of the old masters

  • Four new GCs.
  • A new, playable and totally overhauled Empire of the Hand faction with full land, space and hero rosters.
  • New heroes across all factions including Tahiri Veila, Kir Kanos, Borsk Fey’lya, Darth Krayt, Lomi Plo, Welk, Captain Arien Yage, Commander Vana Dorja and MANY others.
  • Many new indigenous factions including: Maw Irregular Fleet, the One Sith, Diamala, Ishori, and the Chiss Ascendancy.
  • All land maps overhauled as part of the ‘Legacy of Conflict’ project. They now feature new art props, including debris from battles fought long ago. Turrets have been restored, and the Yuuzhan Vong now have a turret analogue.
  • Enhanced Yuuzhan Vong land roster with retextured Rakamat unit and new Intendant Agent.
  • Hugely expanded Corporate Sector Authority land and space roster. They are now a fully fleshed-out, complete faction.
  • Dozens of new units: HMP Gunship, TIE Avenger, Harrow-class Star Destroyer, Chiss Victory III-class Star Destroyer, Yorik Grutta, Planetary Fighter, TIE Aggressor, Missile Gunboat, Assault Gunboat.
  • New tech system for the New Republic.
  • Balance fixes and stability patches.

Empire of the Hand space roster

EOTH roster

CSA land roster

CSA land roster

New Galactic Conquest maps

GC - 19 ABY: Vision of the Future
Playable factions: New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Empire of the Hand
Non-playable factions: Ishori, Diamala, Preatorite Vong
An expanded, story-based GC to replace ‘Imperial Borderlands’. This map introduces the new, playable Empire of the Hand faction (with a new roster) and story-driven gameplay including the New Republic on the brink of civil war over the Caamas Document, and the apparent return of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

GC - 25-28 ABY: Fall of the New Republic
Playable factions: New Republic, Yuuzhan Vong
Non-playable factions: Hostile Forces (Mandalorians, One Sith, Maw Irregular Fleet, Cavrilhu Pirates)
The largest GC in the mod so far. It includes new heroes like Borsk Fey’lya and covers the storyline of the early Yuuzhan Vong War, from the Battle of Fondor to the Fall of Coruscant.

GC – 25-28 ABY: All Out War
Playable factions: New Republic, Yuuzhan Vong, Imperial Remnant, Empire of the Hand, Corporate Sector Authority
Non-playable factions: Hostile Forces (Mandalorians, One Sith, Maw Irregular Fleet, Cavrilhu Pirates)
A multi-faction brawl between the New Republic, Yuuzhan Vong, Imperials, Corporate Sector Authority and Empire of the Hand.

GC – Infinities: One Planet Start
Playable factions: New Republic, Yuuzhan Vong, Imperial Remnant, Empire of the Hand, Corporate Sector Authority
Non-playable factions: Hostile Forces (many subfactions)
Each of the five playable factions starts with one planet, in a galaxy overrun by hostile forces. They must clear a path through a huge range of minor factions from many eras, from the Maw Irregular Fleet to the Preatorite Vong, Hapans to the Imperial Ruling Council. Each planet has a distinct ‘theme’ to the units you will face.

Vanguard-class Star DestroyerVanguard-class Star Destroyer

New GCs and heroes

New GCs

Darth Krayt

Darth Krayt

CSA land units (mk I AT-AT and an AT-XT with ESPO troopers)

CSA land units

Planetary Fighter

Land overhaul

New land props

New land props

Legacy of conflict

Release is scheduled for Saturday 29th September. But I reserve the right to change this!


I am so excited for this...Any sort of timeline!?!

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

I'm *aiming* for a release on Saturday 29th September as all I have left to do is populate the galaxy in the 'One Planet Start' GC. However, I reserve the right to change that if I encounter a problem that needs fixing!

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mara in the first picture: "do i look like i care? thought so."

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is this being uploaded in Steam only?

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

Yes, for the foreseeable future it will be Steam only.

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