A massive-scale total conversion based on the New Jedi Order era and the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

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An overview of what to expect in the next release of the New Jedi Order (NJO) Compilation mod, including new and expanded GCs, totally revamped Yuuzhan Vong, New Republic and Imperial factions, a brand new playable Corporate Sector Authority faction, tons of subfactions, new units, heroes, a new particle system, and loads more!

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What’s coming up in 0.5

The Yuuzhan Vong have arrived! Conquer the galaxy as the fearsome invaders, or push them back as the New Republic and its allies. The New Jedi Order compilation mod is a total conversion for Thrawn’s Revenge 2.15. The next release, NJO 0.5, covers the first half of the Yuuzhan Vong War, until the destruction of the New Republic.

Vong on Coruscant

It features four new or totally overhauled playable factions (the New Republic, Yuuzhan Vong, Corporate Sector Authority and Imperial Remnant), a new-location based construction system with dozens of subfactions (including Corellia, Hapes Consortium, Smuggler’s Alliance, New Jedi Order, Mon Calamari, Sullust, Outer Rim Alliance) and six historical GCs spanning the very end of the Galactic Civil War to the fall of the New Republic.

Battle Dragon blasting coral

Key features in 0.5

Yuuzhan Vong faction (totally revamped space and ground roster, incredible new art assets thanks to the Vong Invaders expansion mod, new Peace Brigade, and Mandalorian Protector subfactions, more than a dozen new heroes)

New Republic faction (new ship rosters in every era, most ship models replaced, new NJO-era heroes like Jaina Solo, Traest Kre’fey and Jagged Fel, new subfactions and GC-specific special units)

Empire faction (most space models replaced, new space roster, new era-based progression, new heroes and story events, new subfactions like the Sinister Triumvirate and Cavrilhu Pirates)

New Corporate Sector Authority playable faction (full space and land roster, new ships including the Praetor I and Invincible, an all-new hero line-up)

Six historical GCs,which faithfully recreate the story told in the Star Wars Expanded Universe

Existing GCs significantly enlarged and new story events and heroes added

Non-playable minor factions (including the Mandalorians, Empire of the Hand, and Osarians)

New era system based on the progress the invaders make

New space stations including Centrepoint, the Yaga Minor Ubiqtorate base, planet-specific Golans with unique garrisons, Space Colonies, XQ1s, Hangar Defence stations, asteroid mining bases, tibanna gas refineries, trade outposts, fleet surplus yards to provide access to old ship designs

All new starbases for each faction

Many space stations now spawn civilian, merchant or other commercial ships in battle

New particle system to replace oversized turbolasers and ion cannons in TR 2.15.

New projectiles including heavy rockets, ion pulse missiles, shadow bombs, yellow lasers for certain pirate/bounty hunter ships, blue lasers for the XJ3 X-wing

Each unit has its (sub)faction at the top of its tooltip for quick reference

Death clones added for most of the new models

Whats next

What’s next?

0.5 is an almost total rebuild of the release that came out early this year. I have extensive plans for the next major release after 0.5. That will be 1.0, and it will conclude the main narrative of the Yuuzhan Vong War, introduce the new Galactic Alliance faction and add late-war content. But before that, I will release a patch for 0.5 addressing any issues that arise. If you find a bug, any missing text or another issue that needs resolving, please let me know. The mod is currently GC-only, but it includes full land and space battles within Galactic Conquests (there’s just no Skirmish game mode).


I will be publishing full credits with the 0.5 release, but none of this would be possible without the many modders who have shared art assets with me. Particularly the Vong Invaders and Alliance mods. But also YVAW, ROTM and z3r0x. But most of all, to the Thrawn’s Revenge team for the incredible mod they have built over many years and for their support in this submod. Thank you to them all for their generosity.

ESPO troopers

Corellian carrier


looks really nice - a smaller version of yuuzhan vong at war - but i have some questions:
-will the mandos change sides or just get passive?
-when i could hold coruscant (or ithor, as i assume that ithor is a point of progress) what will happen? any override or wont happen something?
-as far as i know the CSA didnt have any preators, but at least one ISD ... is that to balance them?
and most important ...
when i play as the vong, can i mess with the moons like on Sernpidal?

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it when the mod is released. To answer your questions:
1) it depends on the GC. In the Dark Tide GC the Mandalorians are a subfaction of the Yuuzhan Vong. In the new Balance Point GC they are passive on the galactic map and hold Mandalore. In this GC they are out of the ‘Indigenous Forces’ faction (basically like the pirates in vanilla or warlords in ICW)
2) not sure I follow? NR tech progression is less drastic than in ICW but occurs when key planets are lost to the Vong
3) the CSA have one ISD hero but no others. Their biggest Star Destroyer is the VSD-I, and then the next largest ships in their roster are a trio of old battlecruiser designs, each with a particular focus - Lucrehulk (carrier), Invincible (tank), Praetor (offensive).
4) in the Vector Prime GC the Vong do have a Yogands Core dovin basal they can use to destroy planets.

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to 2): yea when i am able to hold these key planets; will there happen something like a sudden override or (in theory) will i finish the game on tier 1?
to 3): but the preator is way bigger than the ISD ...
Praetor: Starwars.wikia.com - 4000m
ISD: Starwars.wikia.com - 1600m
to 4): only one or can i bomb the **** outta the galaxy?

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

2) if you never lose those planets you won't progress. But era progression only comes into play in the larger GCs generally, and is sometimes limited to progression by just one era - for instance in the '25-26 ABY: Balance Point' GC when you can progress from era 2 to era 3, but no further. In the massive '25-27 ABY: Fall of the New Republic' GC the eras span 2-5.
3) The CSA have Praetors because I wanted to give them older tech without just giving them Munificents and Acclamators - I wanted it to be a bit more interesting. The Praetor is much larger, but it is not much more powerful than an ISD-II. Its lasers are less powerful, its fighters are much older, and its shields are less effective. The CSA have these three large ship designs, but they are all old and no match for modern star destroyer groups or modern battlecruisers.
4) Just one! But there are plenty of other story-consistent superweapons in the next release, including Centrepoint.

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ah, thanks for clarifying that. looking forward to it!

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another question - will there be missions like the mission to myrkr? like the zhat-mission in AotR? that you can start a mission with only a few, selected units?

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

I haven’t done any coded missions, but there are loads of story events based on canon events in each GC.

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