A massive total conversion based on the New Republic, Imperial Civil War and Yuuzhan Vong eras, from the defeat of Palpatine to the victory of the Galactic Alliance

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A huge new release is imminent, adding 3 new factions, and 8 new Galactic Conquest campaigns.

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New Jedi Order v0.9

The largest update so far, it adds three new fully playable factions: Zsinj’s Empire, Crimson Command, and the Eriadu Authority. Backup your Steam installation now to continue existing save games. Release will be by the end of November.

Eight new Galactic Conquests

  • 4-5 ABY: The Eriadu Authority
  • 4-5 ABY: Border War
  • 4-6 ABY: Rogue Squadron
  • 4-7 ABY: Rise of Zsinj
  • 5-7 ABY: Corporate Acquisition
  • 7 ABY: The Bacta War
  • 7-8 ABY: Solo Command
  • 8 ABY: The Post-Zsinj Campaign


TIE Raptor, Authority IRD*, Clutch, Skipray, Delta JV-7, DX-9 Storm Transport, CR90, Lancer, Carrack, Nebulon B, Nebulon B2, Quasar Fire, Dreadnought, Strike, Gladiator, Immobiliser-418, Procursator, Victory I, Victory II, Invincible*, Lucrehulk*, Secutor, Executor

Raptor Troopers, Scout Snipers, Raptor Speeder Bikes, Plex Troopers, Swamp Speeder, Bantha II, Pirate Infantry, Pirate Plex Infantry, AT-ST, AT-XT*, Planetary Fighter*, LAAT/i, AT-AP, Hailfire*, AT-AT (* requires CSA subfaction)

Crimson Command:

TIE Vanguard, I7 Howlrunner, TIE Droid, TIE Targeter, TIE Breacher, TIE Lancet, Beta ETR-3, CR-10, CR90m, DP20, Immobiliser-418, Dreadnought, Type-A Fleet Tender, Star Galleon, Wombat, Modular Taskforce Cruiser, Farragut, Victory I, Victory II, Imperial II

Navy Commandos, Engineers, Plex Troopers, ISB Agent, Speeder Bike, Chariot, TIE Mauler, IDT, M1 Repulsor, AT-PT, AT-AR, Century Tank, Juggernaut, SPMA-T, XR-85

Eriadu Authority:

V-wing, Cutlass-9, V38 Assault Fighter, TIE Hunter, TIE Advanced X1, Skipray, Corellian Star Shuttle modified, Consular, Tartan, Light Assault Cruiser, Escort Carrier, Acclamator II, Captor, Ecliptic, Victory I, Tyrant, Imperial I, Dominator, Conqueror, Procurator I, Mandator I, Praetor II, Executor

Army Troopers, Engineers, Stormtroopers, Storm Commandos, E-Web, Plex Trooper, Sniper, Biker Court, AT-PTs, 2M Tank, IH Tank, AT-ST Assault, AT-AR, MT-ST, SPMA-T, Juggernaut, LAAT/i, AT-AT

Other features

Overhaul of the Corporate Sector Authority with new ships and a more consistent roster. New CSA units include Gozanti, Diamond, Captor, Cormelius (Techno Union frigate), TaggeCo Star Destroyer, Stock Exchanges, Slave Labour Camps, and some indigenous build units.

Many new heroes, including: Winter, Firmus Nantz, Warlord Zsinj, Horton Salm’s Aggressor Wing, General Tyr Taskeen, General Weir, Admiral Victor Strang, Colonel Cronus, Shea Hublin, Admiral Llon Banjeer, Admiral Terrinald Screed, Teubbo the Hutt, Lanu Pasiq, Admiral Gaen Drommel, Leonia Tavira, Grand Admiral Pitta, Grand Admiral Grunger, Grand Admiral Makati, Captain Marl Semtin, Grand General Malcor Brashin, Turr Pheniir, Kirtan Loor, Iella Wessiri, Admiral Willham Burke, Admiral Nammo, the Azzameen family and many others

New units and space stations, including: Clutch, Toscan 8-Q, Azzameen Home Base, Providence (Rebel One-subtype), MC80 Justice, Storm Assault Transport, TIE Breacher, TIE Lancder (space), Imperial Navy Marines, Imperial Engineers, Wombat frigate, Asteroid Defence Station, TIE Droid Foundry, Delta JV-7

New non-playable factions: Zero Command, Prentioch’s Dominion, Drommel’s Empire, Eiattu Pirates, Lambda Sector, generic Planetary Defence forces, Santhe Corporation

Vong Invasion mechanic added to all Galactic Civil War-era campaigns, and now comes in three waves, increasing its strength. All player factions can now trigger the Invasion mechanic in all campaigns (the AI can’t).

New planet models

New particles

Model replacement and upgrades for many units

Many new planets, including: Contruum, Lantillies, Makem Te, Emmer, Tantive V, Bomis Koori, Abraxas, Glova, Eiattu, Bith, Celanon, Feriae, Colla, Ord Cestus, Taanab, Lianna, Maridun, Nam Chorios and many others

Credits and sincere thanks (all assets used with permission) to: Thrawn's Revenge, Alliance, Remake, Rise of the Mandalorians, Vong Invaders Expansion

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StarwarsG 2019 09 17 21 26 40 75

StarwarsG 2019 09 29 18 13 51 59

StarwarsG 2019 09 20 22 30 33 04

StarwarsG 2019 10 13 09 33 30 56

StarwarsG 2019 10 13 13 32 29 70


i'll definitly try this. good to see that there are still updates, it was a bit too quiet in here

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

Thanks. There is a lot more planned to as the mod comes to v1.0 next year. I just don't update here so often anymore (meaning I can actually get more work done producing the mod)

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Better than the other way around. And thanks for writing an actual article instead of linking to a long-*** youtube video!

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Soon TM

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