This mod is an addition to the updated game engine (Xray Oxygen). This mod adds new mutants to the game (dwarfs, rats, several different chimeras, zombies, and so on), new effects, new textures, open sights and scripts. This mod is modular. Attention, this mod only works on this version of the engine (Oxy). This version of the engine is now unfinished, so errors are possible. This mod will continue to develop. This mod is the first experience with this engine. P.s. There are very few mods for this version of the engine, so I decided to add variety. P.s.s. Recently, this mod also adapts to an alternative version of the engine (Open XRay).

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Small history of a small mod: new and old versions.

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Attention! The most stable build now: 0.2

Nameless Mod 0.1 (Oxy):
1. New mutants (Rats, fracture, build-poltergeist, zombies, cats and SoC chimera).
2. New textures.
3. Open sights.

Nameless Mod 0.2 (Oxy):
1. New mutants (Karliks)
2. New textures.
3. New hud.

Nameless Mod 0.2.1 (Oxy):
1. New textures.

Nameless Mod 0.3 (Oxy and OXR):
1. New textures.
2. Sleeping bag.
3. Dynamic news.
4. People are now marked in the PDA (as the map approaches).
5. Now the attitude of stalkers depends on the actions of the main character (the monolith and the mercenaries are also neutral to the main character, but they can become hostile or friendly).
6. Now the player has different equipment at the start.
7. New effects (lens flare and contact lighting).
8. Fixed bugs with rats (spawn).
9. Fixed with freezing inventory.
10. The parameters of some artifacts are changed (some artifacts also increase the maximum weight. In return, the player can only carry 30 kg by default).
11. New Mutants (Ratking. Only test ver in dev mode).
12. All bulbs can be broken.
13. The modification is adapted for an alternative version of the engine (open xray).

Nameless Mod 0.3.1 (Oxy):
1. Corrects the absence of additional characteristics of artifacts.
2. Corrects the shutdown of the game when activating artifacts.
3. Slightly changes the size of the fire.

Nameless Mod 0.3.1 (OXR):
1. Corrects the shutdown of the game when activating artifacts.
2. Slightly changes the size of the fire.
3. Fix fatal error launcher.

*UPD 10.01: Nameless Mod 0.3.2 (Oxy and OXR):
1. Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to complete some minor quests (subject items disappeared). It was a bug engine. Now these quests to complete the real, but the location of items changed.
2. Fixed bug with wrong interface.
3. Fixed bug with incorrect grass rendering (there was a bug in the engine. It was necessary to change the textures).
4. Fixed bug with incorrect display of wood, trees and metal textures.
5. Fixed bug of incorrect behavior of mutants, if the player is underground.
6. Fixed bug. Now you can throw tools out of inventory.
7. Fixed Bug: "! Missing ogg-comment, file: ...gamedata\sounds\detectors\da-2_beep1.ogg".

*UPD 18.01: Nameless Mod 0.3.3 (Oxy and OXR):
1. Full change of spawn (stalkers and mutants are now much smaller).
2. Fixed engine bug: crash with a large number of corpses in a location.
3. Reduced the likelihood of a bug engine: departure at the same time stalkers trying to open the door.
4. Optimization.
5. Some quest characters are made immortal, so that some quests do not break.
6. Fixed bug: binoculars did not work correctly.
7. Fixed bug: due to a bug in the engine, there was incorrect rendering of vegetation.

* UPD - work in progress Nameless Mod 0.4 (Oxy) :
1. Added the ability to cut off parts of the body and meat from mutants.
2. Added variants of the prototype exoskeleton (the exoskeleton of the latest version has not been deleted, but it has become very rare).
3. A new hour and a half diverse ambient for all locations.
4. Added version of the old controller (test mode).

This version of the engine is now unfinished, so errors are possible.

The mod is modular, so its individual elements can be installed at will.

Sorry for the mistakes in this text. Unfortunately, I learn German and Polish. English is difficult for me.

*Grass - Apolon666 (source material) and Yu_Schwarz (collorcorrection)
*Materials - Yu_Schwarz (source material: and own photos)
*Lights - Apolon666
*Sound - GSC
*Mutants - Apolon666 (port and spawn) and Yu_Schwarz (spawn)
*Scripts - Yu_Schwarz (source material for "spalnik.script" and proto for "dmnews,script": and Apolon666 (PDA scripts)

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