Nali Weapons 3 is a new weapon pack for Unreal Tournament, containing over 15 new weapons, including nuclear weapons, drones, freezing and flaming guns, and the list goes on... It's also the sequel to the old Nali Weapons II X.

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Mar 4 2014 Anchor

Some things I would like to request regarding tweaks to the modifiers, weapons and the Monster Hunt system.


- Razored Translocator: One of the Razorjack's features in the original Unreal was that if you held the alt-fire button down you could guide the projectile with the mouse. I propose a similar feature for the Razored Translocator, where holding down the Fire button while launching the disc would allow you to guide it. I would also like an option to disable teammate telefragging, and a fix for the Disable-Telefrags function (when I disable telefragging with the Bladed mode (in an attempt to balance the weapon), even if I have teleporting enabled for the bladed mode it won't let me teleport.)
- Graviton: A set of options that gave it behavior more akin to the Pulse Gun (making the beam do damage on its own, and replacing the vortex with smaller mini-vortexes that instead homed in on enemies rather than pulling enemies towards them.) Another option that allowed you to swap the Primary and Secondary firemodes would also be cool.
- Freezer: I believe the freezer's secondary fire should ricochet off walls and that the primary fire should shatter, both being reminiscent of the Stinger in the original Unreal.
- Minor Aesthetic Tweaks: An option that recolored weapons depending on what team you were on would be a cool touch (besides the Razored Translocator). For example, a red W.R.E. if you were on Red, or a gold W.R.E if you were on gold. This is not necessarily the light color (that is important for differentiating between certain weapons), but rather the paint/metal color.
- Variable Damage/Accuracy Multiplier: If you entered Minimum Multiplier and Maximum Multiplier values, then weapon damage will fluctuate between these two values with each shot. Similar concept for Accuracy. By default, these multipliers will all be set at 1.00


- Basic Tweaks: When you pick up a duplicate modifier, then 50% of it should stack with your existing one. For example, say you have a Fast multiplier of 1.6 and you pick up one that is 2.4, then you will get a total Fast multiplier of 2.8.
- Health: The Health modifier should have its own multiplier range (to make it similar to the other modifiers), and the "heal value" should be replaced with "Min. Heal" and "Max. Heal" values. If you have a value for "Min. Heal" set, then the heal amount will be that value or the weapon's damage value, whichever is greater. If you have a "Max. Heal" value set, then the heal amount will never go above that amount, regardless of how powerful your weapon is.
- Allow modifiers on Non-NW3 weaponry: With this option enabled, you would be able to use modifiers on weapons that aren't from Nali Weapons. For example; stock Unreal, UT99, OldSkool, Unreal Fortress and once-I-get-it-working the infamous RTNP weapons.
- Scramble Modifier Chargers: With this option enabled, every time you pick up a modifier the charger will spawn a different, randomly-selected modifier. This will make modifier locations even less predictable and will prevent players from camping those areas.
- The One: Finally, let's talk about "The One". A big problem with that modifier is that if you pick up a modifier you don't want in the first or second slots, you can't get rid of it without dropping your weapon. What I propose is that if you have three modifiers already with "The One" activated, and you run over a fourth one it should replace your first one, and if you run other a fifth modifier it should replace your second one.

Monster Hunt Tweaks:
A problem with the regen system is that if your health or ammo is above the maximum regen amount, it will actually go down (not to be confused with the song). For example, if I have Initial player health at 100, and max regen at 40, then your health will gradually degenerate until you get to 40. What I had intended was to make it so that if you were below 40 health, you would regenerate to 40 (after a short delay of taking damage), but if you were above 40 then regen would auto-disable itself. Sadly, that wasn't the case (though an option to renable degeneration would be a good way to keep people from abusing the Superhealth).
Kill Message Tweaks: I was looking in the game's files just now, and I noticed that the original Unreal had a very intricate system for kill messages. While there aren't any kill messages for individual weapons, there are multiple Death Messages, Major-Death messages, and Death Message Modifier-words. Beware the Wall-of-Text.

DeathVerb=" was "
DeathPrep=" by "
ExplodeMessage=" was blown up"
SuicideMessage=" had a sudden heart attack."
FallMessage=" left a small crater."
DrownedMessage=" forgot to come up for air."
BurnedMessage=" was incinerated"
CorrodedMessage=" was slimed"
HackedMessage=" was hacked"
DeathMessage[5]=put down
DeathMessage[15]=shut out
DeathMessage[16]=beaten down
DeathMessage[17]=smacked down
DeathMessage[23]=torn up
MajorDeathMessage[0]=ripped a new one
MajorDeathMessage[1]=messed up real bad
MajorDeathMessage[2]=given a new definition of pain

Now compare that to an example weapon-specific Death Message:

PickupMessage=You got the Minigun
DeathMessage=%k's %w turned %o into a leaky piece of meat. 

As you can see, it offers nowhere near as much variety as the former, but it does allow individual weapons to have their own kill messages. What I propose is a hybrid of the two, where weapons have multiple kill messages and these kill messages have different variations similar to the "Classic Kill Messages" from the original Unreal.

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