Nali Weapons 3 is a new weapon pack for Unreal Tournament, containing over 15 new weapons, including nuclear weapons, drones, freezing and flaming guns, and the list goes on... It's also the sequel to the old Nali Weapons II X.

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Nov 6 2012 Anchor

Here I am going to post and update the status of any bug from NW3:

- IRPR thermal scope doesn't work sometimes (players appear as black)
Pending solution/fix

- IpToCountry does not work with NW3
Pending solution/fix

- ACE Manager does not work with NW3
Pending solution/fix

- IRPR stops being able to shoot at random in online matches
Possible solution: Seems to only happen in listen servers, so start a dedicated server instead

- ACE kicks randomly
Possible solution: Add all the NW3 .u packages to the ACE whitelist

For new bug reports, please provide a screenshot or a video if possible. I didn't want to have to patch this mod, but may be inevitable if the problems are too great.
Thanks :)

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Nov 21 2012 Anchor

Just a minor in the modifier settings, both max and min is named Max force increase

User Posted Image

Jul 29 2013 Anchor

When i join a match with Nali Weapons 3 via LAN my arsenal and every bullet on the arena is completely invisible. This is a screen capture of the game when i join a match :

I have no issues with the MOD on single player ... so it's just weird.

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Jul 30 2013 Anchor

You (or the server owner if the one hosting is not you) probably didn't add the mod packages to the ServerPackages in the UnrealTournament.ini file.
Whenever someone hosts the pack, it's required to add those.

In case you're the one hosting it, open UnrealTournament.ini, find the ServerPackages list, and add these there:

In case you're not the owner, contact him and let him know. :)

Feb 27 2014 Anchor

Even with the Nuke luancher crashfix enabled (both Client and Serverside). the game still crashes when I fire the nuke launcher. The LEVEL ONE nuke launcher. Before it even detonates.

Also, I am not sure what causes it, but at random points the Graviton's trail effect gets stuck to my character, even when I don't have the weapon equipped. It only seems to happen on the maps I ported from Unreal Gold (so far, anyway), such as DmAriza. It is not just me, either.

I also have the following /other/ mods, just for reference-purposes:
Unreal1 playermodels
Maps ported by myself (DmDeathfan, DmAriza, DmTundra, etc.)
Unreal Gold music (for use in the Unreal1 maps, can't get RTNP content working yet x.x)

Mar 4 2014 Anchor

The nuclear fix crashes players using OpenGL, that's why it's disabled by default. Disable the fix and the nukes should work.
It only fixes (to an extent) players using Direct3D (D3D9, DX10, etc).

As for the Graviton glitch, it was already reported by I never managed to reproduce it in my end... but I never tried on those maps, so that may explain why. They may have something messing up with the mod, and OldSkool is known to be very glitchy as well.
The good news is that there are some folks who will try to port the whole mod to Unreal directly, so that way you will eventually be able to play with them in Unreal Gold directly and without those bugs.

Mar 4 2014 Anchor

That'll be cool. I actually stopped playing with OldSkool though, especially since Unreal Fortress doesn't replace stock Unreal weapons with UT99 weapons. If you know the summon codes for all of the stock Unreal weapons, and know about the Loaded command, then all you need to do to become the most overpowered team in a game of Unreal Fortress is spawn a bunch of Dispersion Pistols and NW3 weapons in your resupply room.

Another glitch by the way: When I spawn a bolt rifle in the console, it doesn't have a charger, but when I spawn other weapons they do. Any idea how to fix this?

It seems to occur the most frequently in Monster Hunt, and it just happened in Unreal Fortress (a few minutes later, everything stopped rendering aside from a few lights and the HUD, and the game crashed). Here is a screenshot I took:
I think I may have found a temporary fix though. When I googled the summon codes for Unreal Gold, I instead found a list with almost every other console command. On that list was a command called "flush", which would supposedly clear up the graphics issue by flushing the graphics cache.

On the plus-side, I finally got Monster Hunt to not handout Super Weapons. I also gave it the ability to give out Old-Unreal weaponry. And Super Health. And Rebreathers. If I knew the summon codes for all of the other items...

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