Nali Weapons 3 is a new weapon pack for Unreal Tournament, containing over 15 new weapons, including nuclear weapons, drones, freezing and flaming guns, and the list goes on... It's also the sequel to the old Nali Weapons II X.

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Mar 3 2014 Anchor

...can make all the difference in the world.

I recently installed Unreal Fortress (you can find it right here on ModDB), and one of the very first things I noticed: "Hey, it still detects all of my other mods. OldSkool Amp'd, NW3, and even ChaosUT!"

So that got me thinking... deeply. I decided to enable all of my Relic mutators, Volatile Ammo (useless, since it doesn't work on backpacks), Volatile Weapons (useless, since it doesn't work on class weapons)), NW3 Monter Hunt (yay, regenerating Health/Ammo!), NW3 modifiers (only works on NW3 weapons), and lastly NW3 itself. The latter didn't do very much, since there are no weapon spawnpoints, but I created my own in my team's spawnroom, a W.R.E. spawn and an R.T. spawn... THEN I entered "Loaded" for myself and let the chaos begin.

And since Unreal Fortress doesn't use any of the standard UT99 gamemodes, I was even able to spawn some of my favorite Unreal Gold weapons, without the buggy-as-hell OldSkool mod. Dispersion Pistols for everyone! :3

I also learned what happens if you try playing Unreal Fortress with UT99's stock Instagib mutator. Since the game doesn't like spawning people with non-class weapons, I was actually able to play an ENTIRE Capture-the-Flag match without weapons of any kind.

I need to get some better screenshots, since my current ones are all crap. I'll edit this post later once I do. Hope you guys try what I did, and feel free to talk about your own modding adventures with NW3.

EDIT: I got some half-decent screenies now, about 6 of them.

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