Full concept modification of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky that touches many atmosphere aspects including textures, sound effects, music, weather, lighting and more.

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A set of Frequently Asked Questions where the mod creator responds to in an article. This will be updated as the mod grows and gets more questions.

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Q1: What is the concept/idea of "MYSTERY"?
A: "Mystery" and it's concept is a mod of a dream I tried to release, with a very interesting setting. Many years I dreamed of creating a mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with beautiful, bright and colorful photo-realistic graphics, but I found myself in the devastation and bane. My dream was shattered by me with only one purpose: to reignite in Mystery. Huge thanks to N.Aaroe and the whole True Zone Projects team for inspiration.

I think that before this dream gets its full implementation I'll have to pass some phases and this is one of them. First game of the series, "Shadow of Chernobyl" - is the third Gunslinger's trip to the center of the Zone. And these expeditions have always aroused cataclysms in the Zone, its material changes. In this mod, you will see a beginning era of the Zone, after a giant and terrible Blowout.

The main feature of "Mystery" is a visual and sound atmosphere of deadly, harsher in survival theme Zone - it's not just a copy of "Misery" atmosphere, they are different, but same. I suggest that you saw this in screenshots. This is a Clear Sky VERSION of "Misery" with first stalkers expeditions and faction war. In contrast to the mod-grandparent, you will saw a game-world from a different point: not from a side of the loner, who a single-handedly fights against Zone, but from the side of a reprehensibly of a powerful force, which have own interest and tries to prevent to other factions in fully new decorations of decayed Chernobyl.

Q2: Does N.Aaroe and the other developers of the "MISERY" mod know about your work? Aren't you stealing their copyrighted work?
A: Of course, they knew about my work and I'm not stealing their copyrights. N.Aaroe as the author and leader of "MISERY" gave me permission to convert material from his mod to the two earlier S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. Also, N.Aaroe and [ppx]LoNer1 like my work and helping me in some things.

Q3: Does the mod add new content, such as locations, quests, weapons, or changes the vanilla ones?
No. This is only atmospheric modification.

Q4: Will I be able to edit, merge or add additional mods on top of the "MYSTERY"?
A: The mod data is open to any kind of further editing based to personal taste and dislikes. I think this is a great advantage. Each player if he knows how to, can add to the mod that he loves, like a new weapons configs or NPCs stats and etc.

Q5: Will you create some add-ons like new weapons configs or NPCs stats and etc. for more «Мisery»-liked gameplay?
Everything is possible! Maybe in future. I am seriously considering this possibility.

Q6: Call of Pripyat have a "MISERY". Clear Sky have a "MYSTERY". Are you planned to create a similar mod to the Shadow of Chernobyl platform?
Everything in time... At this moment, I can say that I try my skills on the base of SoC. But to call it a complete statement of the development is still too early. Maybe "Yes", maybe "No", but you can see some screenshots from my currently work on SHoC.

Q7: Your knowledge of English isn't very good ... are you studying in school?
No. I'm almost 20 years old, but I'm from Russia ... I think this is a good answer to the question. Every Russian visitor can write me in Russian language.

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For shadow of Chernobyl there is a mod called Autumn Aurora 2

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Hi Dorian. I saw your screenshots for SHoC but they look to me like they are from Lost Alpha maps.. are you working on Lost Alpha instead of on the vanilla SHoC?

Thank you for your prompt and kind insight into this question.

Keep up the excellent work!


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