C:\Users\Thad>cd K:\SharedDrive\AdrianMercer\Letters


01/22/2163 - 1010 - invitation_starbound_001.ddc 01/22/2163 - 1011 - invitation_starbound_002.ddc

01/22/2163 - 1010 - invitation_starbound_001.ddc

cybzzayqshqemgzmgzqshqemgzzayqwfmebyy uhqe zaycybzzaymebyy uhqe walwmhmwza_symmybq_cybzcybzmebyy.uup

cybzzayqshqemgzmgzqshqemgzzayqwfmebyy uhqe zaycybzzaytzvb uhqe walwmhmwza_symmybq_cybzcybztzvb.uup

cybzzayqshqemgzmgzqshqemgzzayqwfmebyy uhqe zaycybzzaytwly uhqe walwmhmwza_symmybq_cybzcybztwly.uup

cybzzayqshqemgzmgzqshqemgzzayqwfmebyy uhqe zaycybzzayqwf uhqe walwmhmwza_symmybq_cybzcybzqwf.uup

cybzzayqshqemgzmgzqshqemgzzayqwfmebyy uhqe zaycybzzayylya uhqe walwmhmwza_symmybq_cybzcybzqylya.uup

K:\SharedDrive\AdrianMercer\Letters>openfiles invitation_starbound_001.ddc, invitation_starbound_002.ddc, cybzzayqshqemgzmgzqshqemgzzayqwfmebyy uhqe zaycybzzaymebyy uhqe walwmhmwza_symmybq_cybzcybzmebyy.uup

K:\SharedDrive\AdrianMercer\Letters>copydir K:\SharedDrive\AdrianMercer\Letters, E:FlashDrive\letters
............................... Copy Complete.

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Hi, my name is Thad, I just started working here at InterNations Government and I'm data-mining the shared filed drives as fast as I can but their heavily encrypted and I've only been able to get up so high as to see a couple of letters sent by the head of Human Resources here in the building where I work.

I can't release any more information about me then that, and even Thad is a fake name.

The files are encrypted as well, and if you can uncover the key he used to encrypt them I might be able to decrypt the rest of them. I'll slowly copy the files over, but I don't want to leave any traces that can be followed to me. There has to be even higher I go, more top secret I can find. So it'll be slow.

My current mission is to decrypt all of these letter to see if they hold any significance.

We've already learned a lot from them, this spacecraft called MW-Starbound is not on any records anywhere that I can find and it's the first I've heard of it.

If you have any questions for me just ask. Be patient, I'll see them, and I'll get to them as best I can.

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