The classic mod MonsterHunt taken to a whole new level. Complete control of the game, allowing for a wide variety of maps and playing styles. I call this my "kitchen sink" mod because everything I could think of was included. There are options for ammo and health regen, hitsounds, antiboost, player collision, double jump, loaded, pinata, score loss for deaths, spawn protection, custom weapons, custom gear, country in scoreboard, playerIP logging to server, and more! All included in a single file for your monster killing enjoyment. Tired of a page of serverpackage lines? Try one. Care was taken with the coding to fix as many resident MH problems as possible too. In beta testing the servers are fast and solid, with very few access none's. In fact you will notice the monsters seem more aggressive. This is due to the code being sped up by optimizing. Lastly all source code as well as package material will be released with this. Don't like something about it? Well, change it!

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Fun to play and good improvements.


i_hate_saturdays says

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man this mod is fun as hell !!! all the stuff i could want !!! health regen, monster health HUD, and a radar, it'll be fun to play with my cousins online !!!! ok bye !!!


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