Modern Warfare 2 mod for CS 1.6. This mod is based on the old CW2(Counter Warfare 2) mod from dynamusecorp.

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This release is the final version that I will be releasing. I will also include source files for the mods in a link somewhere in this article.

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Basically this mod is done and I don't have enough skills and support in doing this mod anymore. This release contains enough changes for another major release. Sadly, Windows 8 and later support isn't going to be out as the original developer for ACG module isn't available anymore as well as the support for the module as well.

As for my last article, I had so much plans for this mod but apparently I can't do it alone and the CS modding community is pretty much dead with all new games around.

Without further ado, here's the changelog for most of the changes in the mod.


Quality of Life

- Pain indicator has now returned.

- New CVAR: Predator Missile drop height added: dropheight_ks

- New CVAR:Mapcycle or Disconnect to main menu : end_match_task cvar added

- Added compass by Tirant and introduced compass into the new HUD.

- Replaced default CS HUD with a custom HUD VERY similar with the original CoD:MW2 hud.

- Integrated new crosshair look.- You can now press F to open Care Packages and place Sentry Guns.

- Target acquired crosshair whenever you cast rewards such as airstrikes and care package.

- Detailed Ranking: Leveling up shows what rank you have been promoted, the logo of the rank. HUD on the right side has been upgraded to show current XP.

- Added GAMEMODE(Team Deathmatch, and maybe in the future, Free-for-All) on HUD.

- Improved EMP HUD removal. Now only removes HUD itself(ammobox, scores, crosshairs, hitmarks, etc) and not complete CS HUD(included bloodscreen and some hud effects).

Asset Changes (Models & Sounds)

- New predator kill icon, airstrike kill icon

- New RDS hud - red dot sights, holographic sights improved. now unaffected by shadowing of player.

- Improved team scoring HUD, now ACG integrated, along with the "Winning", "Losing", "Tie" texts showing. Used chocolatos resource for no round end + new score board, rework nuking done.- Added background noise for realism(extracted from gameplay sounds in MW2).

- All team members dying all at once will no longer trigger an instant win for the other team.

- Tactical Nuke stablized and will no longer have the small chances of bugging like causing the enemy team to win.

- Fixed and removed the double, triple, multi kills, firstblood, Payback triggering upon teamkill as well as any xp gain.

- Missing gun sprites on lower right screen on some guns are now fixed.

- Sentry Gun label fix - text changed from SENTRY GUN to SENTRY AIRDROP

- Fixed ks usage limiter to team only. This issue is related to killstreaks temporarily unusable when the enemy team uses a certain type of ks reward and temporarily disables use for every one.

- Removed ANR.amxx, a previously unknown plugin. Causes a zero recoil in game(although using ironsights gives a zero recoil). Improved all recoils in game after removal.

- Fixed an issue where Hitmark on bullet hit sound not triggering.

- Timered quit/disconnect + scoreboard on the (new)round end. A timered disconnection countdown will be added(to refresh current slate). Apparently creating too many servers increases your chances of game crash so this may serve as a hotfix for it.


Standalone CS 1.6 Non-Steam + mods and launcher included:


Make sure to blacklist the install folder on your antivirus. ACG.dll is a core file injected into hl.exe as module.

CS Modern Warfare 2 2019 (1.5.0)

Please do not leave a bad review for incompatibility on Windows 8 and later operating systems.


CS: Modern Warfare 2 mod


ADS dots for Red Dot and Holo are now unaffected by shadowing and is now rendered via ACG.

de skidrow 20100000

Stealth Bomber added into the game.

de skidrow 20100014

New Match Bonus calculated depending on your kills and rank/level.

de skidrow 20100018

New Challenges now with XP gain.

de skidrow 20100007

Bonus video: Tactical Nuke tested in Nuketown map

Final remarks:

Here is the google drive link where I store all my backups and sourcecodes for the mod. It's been years and I think it's time I release the source to the public.

Updated link (Dec 23 2021):

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