- MOD: DIFICULTAD HIPERBOREO, (WISE BLADE) V 1.5.1 Versión en español e inglés. ¡SALUDOS! Mi objetivo es conseguir una mayor versatilidad y una experiencia de juego más intensa, mejorando el original. Para ello, he añadido muchas mejoras nuevas y he adaptado otras mejoras ya conocidas. MUCHAS GRACIAS A: Foro Arokh's Lair. Mingyue, Sryml, Prospero, Sir Random, Cuthberth, IrateGiant, PigVomit, Amlach, Tomash ... - MOD: HYPERBOREAN DIFFICULTY, (WISE BLADE) V 1.5.1 English and spanish. Greetings! My aim is to achieve more versatility and more intense playing experience, improving the original. For this, I added many new improvements and I have adapted other improvements already known. This mod was scheduled from the original files, changing only the python code. MANY THANKS TO: Arokh's Lair forum. Mingyue, Sryml, Prospero, Sir Random, Cuthberth, IrateGiant, PigVomit, Amlach, Tomash...

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Features of Hyperborean mod



- Greater difficulty for experts players.
- The maximum level is 125.
· All the heroes and enemies can reach level 125.
· Some stronger enemies, they can also increase their level: Mescalandug, Dal-Gurak, Aserat.
· Aserat is the only character that can reach the 145 level.
- Fixed elements and affinities of the characters.
· The elements are: Penetration, cut, clash, fire, ice, venom, acid, drain, electricity, light.
To differentiate the elements during combat, the weapons and magics have different lighting effects or auras.
· Each element has a different effect. Enemies will heal if you hit them with their own element.
· Examples:
· If you attack to Lava Golem with fire element, it will heal.
· If you attack to Lich with venom element or with acid element, it will heal.
· If you attack a vampire with drain element, it will heal.
PENETRATION: Mutilated. Used with arrows. The enemy bleeds to death.
CUT: Mutilated. Used with swords, axes and hatchets. The enemy bleeds to death.
CLASH: Stunned and falled down. It used with hammers, maces, punches and kicks.
The enemy is stunned for several seconds, or are knocked to the ground.
FIRE: Burnt. It is used in weapons or magic. Add fire damage.
50% chance to make more damages to some weak enemies.
ICE: Freeze or paralyzed. It is used in weapons or magic. Add ice damage.
50% chance to paralyze some weak enemies, for 3 seconds.
VENOM: Weakened and stunned . It is used in edge poisoned weapons, or magic.
Life decreases down to 1. When life reaches 1, stunned for several seconds.
ACID: Weakened. It is used in weapons and magic. Add acid damage.
DRAIN: Drain Life. It is used in weapons or magic. The attacker drains the life of the victim.
ELECTRICITY: Electrocuted. It is used in weapons or magic. Add electricity damage.
LIGHT: Exploded. It is used in the Sacred Sword Blade and his magic attack. Adds light damage.
No enemy can resists to light.
- The hero can cast elemental magic attacks, with special weapons:
· Fire magic: It burns the targeted enemy.
· Ice magic: It ices the targeted enemy.
· Acid magic: It weakens the targeted enemy.
· Vampiric magic: It drains the life of the selected enemy. If the enemy is related to drainage, the hero will be drained.
· Lightning magic: Cast lightnings to the targeted enemy.
· Light magic: Take down and blowout the weak enemies. The enemy explodes into pieces and dies.
- Intense combat against numerous enemies.
- More weapons, better items and equipment.
- More versatility of control, techniques and strategies of combat.
· Press the direction buttons simultaneously, "Left", "Forward" and "right" to make jokes, laugh or insult.
· You can taunt the selected enemy during combat. If the enemy is wounded, he was enraged.
Some enraged enemies throw his shield.
· If you have not seen, taunts can make noise and use them to lure enemies into an ambush.
You can use stealth to attack by surprise to some enemies, distracted by noise.
- Different random chance of critical damage, depending on the type of character,
the type of weapon and where you hit him.
To cause critical damage, you must hit to the head or back.
- Improved and simplified system of combat, based on combinations of blows in turns,
with only press attack and direction.
You can see the list of combos and techniques in the Journal, by pressing F1 during the adventure.
In the tutorial, the new combat system is explained.
· Examples:
· Hold the "Attack" button and press the "direction" buttons repeatedly, to combine consecutive attacks,
in the direction you want.
· Press repeatedly the "Attack" button, to attack forward.
· Press the direction buttons simultaneously, "Left" and "Right", after any attack,
to make Skill combinations, of moderate and severe hits.
The skill Combo can continue if you keep pressing "Left" and "Right".
Its effectiveness depends on the type of weapon used.
· After making a hit of Skill combo, you can continue with a Ambidextrous Combo,
pressing the "Attack" button repeatedly.
Ambidextrous Combo can only be done with swords, maces, hatchets and hammers.
All heroes are ambidextrous, except the Barbarian.
· Press the direction buttons simultaneously, "Left", "Back" and "right" for a counterattack.
The Counterattack can continue if you press repeatedly "Left", "Back" and "Right".
Its effectiveness depends on the type of weapon used.
- The list of combos is now expanded and simplified.
The heroes and enemies are skilled and brutal.
· The heroes can make best combos, as they increase their levels. Strong hits need lots of energy.
· Nearly all enemies can do powerful combos from level 1. Be careful, even a weak enemy can be dangerous.
· In the Arena Mode you can also make the combos of the new combat system.
- New "Extras" menu, with options to control the functions of the Mod.
· 6 difficulty levels:
· COWARD = 200% stronger hero.
· BEGINNER = 100% stronger hero.
· ADVENTURER = Hero and enemies are balanced.
· WARRIOR = 150% stronger enemies.
· EXPERT = 250% stronger enemies.
· HYPERBOREAN = 400% stronger enemies.
· Depending on the difficulty you choose:
You receive bonuses or penalties to experience, to attack or defense.
· In the Expert and hyperborean difficulties:
There will be many more enemies to fight, critical hits are activated,
you will find more special objects on maps, or will see different secret texts...
· Show or hide the combat scorer.
· Activate or desactivate the fast use of the bow. Only to the Amazon.
· Choose different modes:
· Type of music on maps, "original" or "modified":
The music changes when you load a map.
· "Bloody mode":
It increases the amount of blood in the mutilations.
(Too much blood can make slow the game.)
(Evaporation of the blood is always on. The blood disappears in a few seconds.)
· "No-load mode":
When the hero dies, you can revive without having to load the game.
(This is useful when you can not save-load the game.)
· If the "no-load mode" option is activated when the hero dies:
One level of experience of the hero, is penalized.
10% of the bonuses to defense and attack, is penalized.
The enemy has killed the hero, will increase one level.
(The enemy selected at the moment of death.)
(Dal Gurak, Meskalamdug and Aserat not increase a level, and not will heal, when they kill the hero.)
The hero will revive in 10 seconds ... beware nearby enemies.
(It verify the near area, to check if the Hero can to revive. If there are some enemies very near, they will go far a little.)
· Behaviour of the hero´s energy: "Original" or "realistic":
(Recommended for experienced players.)
· If the "realistic mode" is selected:
The energy is progressively lower, if you make any effort.
If you're facing an enemy, energy is slowly recovering.
If you are not fighting, energy recovers faster.
A bonus to Defense and Attack is granted, between 5% and 15%, to the achieved ranges.
· Lists of information:
· Bonuses for scores and ranks.
· Bonuses for difficulties.
· Cheats.
The cheats can be activated during the game in story mode. (In the Arena Mode setting.)
(In the difficult tricks hiperbóreo not allowed.)
· Select Map cheat:
Allow to choose a hero and a map.
The level of the hero and his weapons, depend on the chosen map.
Some maps can not be chosen. (To search the Runes you have to play the full game.)
This cheat is not compatible with the story mode.
- Diary fixed with all the information of the Mod:
Weapons, skills, items, bestiary, history, secrets ... (Press F1.)
· Added lists of new weapons and items.
· Added lists combat skills, depending on the type of weapon and the kind of hero.
(Techniques and combos.)
· Fixed texts of the main storyline.
(These are the same of the original story, but better written.)
· Added Bestiary, showing the characteristics of all the characters.
· Fixed the Runes, as in the old Futhark.
· Fixed texts of the mythical story of the Nordic Gods and the Runes: "The spiritual chain".
(Only Hyperborean difficulty.)
- Combat scorers, with scores and ranks to show the achievements of the hero.
· The new combat scorers are:
· Penalized levels of the hero.
(If the mode "No load" is enabled.)
· Bonus to the achieved ranks, depending on the difficulty chosen.
(If the mode "Realistic energy" is enabled.)
· Bonus or penalty to the experience, depending on the difficulty chosen.
· Experience obtained by defeating enemies.
· Experience needed for the next level.
· Enemies defeated.
· Physical damage caused to enemy.
· Consecutive hits.
· Maximum combo.
· Ranks to show your achievements, which increase depending on the scores.
· Damage caused in yellow color, and damage received and red color.
Normal damage or critical damage.
· Bonuses to the defense and the attack, according to the ranks overcome.
· The bonuses are only activated in the Expert and Hyperborean difficulties.
· If you change the difficulty after overcoming a rank, or if you load a game, you will lose all achieved bonuses.
- Improved bows and arrows.
You can throw down the light bow and collect more best bows: Medium and heavy bow.
The Amazon use the bows and arrows with more skill and speed, you can point while shooting quickly. But she can not move.
The aim depends on the kind of hero. The Amazon and the knight have more aim than the dwarf and barbarian.
The arrows can mutilate enemies, if they hit on the head or arms. The arrows cause more damage if it hit back.
· 3 kinds of bows and 3 types of arrows:
· Light bow: Few physical damage. Low accuracy and range.
· Medium bow: Moderate accuracy, range and damage.
· Heavy bow: Increased accuracy, range and damage.
· Arrows: Few physical damage. Quiver with 250 arrows.
· Vampiric Arrows: Moderate physical damage, venom and drain.
Heal the life of the bow carrier. Quiver with 950 arrows.
· Explosive Arrows: Greater physical and fire damage.
Fall down the weak enemies. Quiver with 500 arrows.
- Fixed the characteristics of all characters.
· The four heroes have unique characteristics:
Life, attack, defense, speed, agility, combos, techniques, aim, armor, energy and critical hits.
· The Knight is balanced and faster.
The Dwarf is balanced and the most resistant.
The Amazon is the most flexible, the most versatile and weaker.
The barbarian is the strongest and the slowest.
· After launching attacks, the time to recover energy depends on the type of hero.
· Every hero has different chances to cause critical damage, depending on the type of weapon used and the area where the hero hits.
· Critics of the Amazon:
High chances with bow and arrows.
Moderate chances with sharp weapons.
Low chances with blunt weapons.
· Critics of the Knight:
Moderate chances with bow and arrows.
High chances with sharp weapons.
Moderate chances with blunt weapons.
· Critics of the Dwarf:
Low chances with bow and arrows.
Moderate chances with sharp weapons.
High chances with blunt weapons.
· Critics of the Barbarian:
Low chances with bow and arrows.
High chances with sharp weapons.
High chances with blunt weapons.
- Modified Enemies:
· Fire Salamanders, Dark orks, Gold orks, Invisible ice demons, Ice golem,
Venom spiders, Flesh golem, King skeleton, Dal-Gurak necromancer sorcerer, Dal-Gurak ambidextrous warrior,
Ambidextrous Dark Knight, Ambidextrous Captain traitor, Ambidextrous Knight of chaos...
- Improved inventory:
· You can carry more weapons, more shields and more items.
· You can select all types of weapons:
Swords, maces, hatchets, hammers, spears, sticks, broadswords, axes, giant weapons...
· The giant weapons can not be put in the inventory.
· You can use a shield with broadswords, axes, sticks and spears.
The shield also improves the attack and defense.
· You can equip two weapons at once, one in each hand, and strike with both weapons:
· All heroes are ambidextrous, except the Barbarian.
· The ambidextrous weapons are: swords, maces, hatchets and hammers.
· To equip an ambidextrous weapon in his left hand:
The left hand should be empty. While you have an ambidextrous weapon in your right hand,
pick up another ambidextrous weapon from the floor, or select it from the inventory.
· To swap weapons, or pass a weapon to the right hand from the left hand:
Choose from inventory the weapon that you have in your left hand.
(Between each swap weapons, there is a 1 second pause, to avoid errors.)
- The attacks of the enemy are also different, depending on the type of weapon used.
· The dark knights, captains traitors, Dalgurak and knights of chaos are ambidextrous.
· All unarmed enemies got more attacks, magical and elemental.
· Dal Gurak is an ambidextrous warrior and a necromancer:
He can launch his weapon like a boomerang and make combinations of "light trails".
He also can paralyze the hero with drain, fire and acid; and summon skeletons, golems and demons.
- Improved items:
· Adventurer Amulet:
Rise one level of experience to the hero.
(Only used in the Adventurer difficulty.)
· Protector amulet:
Protects with an energy shield.
(Only used in the Hyperborean difficulty, after defeating Dalgurak ambidextrous warrior.)
· Magic Amulet:
Summon dwarf allies.
(Maximum 3 allies, to avoid errors.)
· The allies are dwarfs; they may have weapons and shields, or be ambidextrous.
An ambidextrous ally can hit two times, but he can not protect his self.
· The invocation lasts several seconds, depending on the level of the hero.
The allies have the same level as the hero.
· If the level of the hero is higher, the allies will be more strong.
They will have better weapons and shields, and the invocation will last longer.
· The maximum level of dwarf allies is 125.
· You can order to the allies to remain quiet in one place, or follow the hero,
if they are not in the middle of a fight.
To order a selected ally, use taunt. (Press simultaneously "Left", "Forward" and "Right".)
(Between each order there is a pause of 2 seconds to avoid errors.)
· The magic amulet only can used in the Expert and Hyperborean difficulties.
To use the magic amulet, select it and throw it to the ground in an open space.
You can always return to collect the magical amulets again, if the ally dies.
· Freeze Ball:
It paralyzes the enemies for several seconds.
· Freeze Ball is only used in the expert and Hyperborean difficulties.
· To use Freeze Ball:
First put your weapons in your back, select the Freeze ball from the inventory of items and throw it to an enemy.
Freeze Ball pursue the targeted enemy and if it hits him, the enemy will be freeze for several seconds.
· Freeze Ball does not work against enemies of ice.
· Improved Power Potion.
The Power Potion increases defense and attack, and prevents the hero gets tired for a few minutes.
Also increases 100% the critical hit damage. The percentages of success will not change.
Power Potion only used in Warrior, Expert and Hyperborean difficulties.
· Improved Brazalet and Crown.
According to the chosen difficulty, bonus or penalize the elemental and physical resistance.
· Brazalet: Penetration, cut and clash. Maximum 95%.
· Crown: Fire, ice, venom, acid, drain and electricity. 100% maximum.
- Some vampiric weapons have healing auras:
The auras periodically heals to carrier that use it.
Not all the auras heals to the hero.
- When the hero increases his level, their wounds will not heal.
But if the hero is close to death, it will heal a little.
- Modified Armors: Armor light, medium and heavy for all heroes.
- Original cheats modified, and added some more.
The list of cheats is in the Extras menu.
- Modified all the original maps:
· Improved all maps, with more items, weapons and enemies.
(The design of the map is the same, just change its contents.)
· Improved tutorial with instructions of new combat system.
- Modified textures:
Improved textures from 8 bits to 24 bits, with a little more sharpness and details.
Improved textures for all maps, heroes, enemies; and almost all objects and weapons.
- Optimized special effects:
· I tried to optimize the special effects, for that the game does not crash when there are many enemies:
· Auras in weapons, some focus of lights added, deleted trails, etc.
· However, the duration of the loads is increased.
This is because of the complexity of the code and the number of elements in the maps, are too much.
· The loads of maps and the Diary (F1) take longer than before. It depends on the RAM memory in your computer.
When it loaded for second time the same data, length of the load is less. For example, restarting a map.
· My computer is 2005.
(Pentium IV 3.4 GHz. 3 GB of RAM. 128 MB ATI Radeon X550. Windows XP 32-bit OS.)
The mod is optimized to play on my computer at full resolution, without lags ni slow motions.
Sometimes, the game will go slow in the maps: if there are many enemies and allies, or many particles, or many lights, or if you use torches.
Fortunately, on a modern computer, the loads are faster and I guess the game is not slow.
- Music modified:
· Music modified to accompany the action of the combats and the environment of the stage.
· The Extras menu contains an option to choose the type of music on maps, "original" or "modified".
The music changes when you load a map.
Some maps have unique changed musics, that you will not hear it in other maps.
(The modified music rights are of their respective authors.)

- Well, this is a summary of the features of the HYPERBOREAN DIFFICULTY MOD, Version 1.5.1 ...

Características del Mod Hiperboreo

Características del Mod Hiperboreo

Feature 7 comments

- Resumen de características, Mod dificultad Hiperboreo Versión 1.5: ¡Saludos! Hace cinco años, comencé a desarrollar el mod, con muchos ánimos...

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Hyperborean mod V1_5_1

Hyperborean mod V1_5_1

Patch 120 comments

MOD: HYPERBOREAN DIFFICULTY, (WISE BLADE) V 1.5.1 English version. Greetings! My aim is to achieve more versatility and more intense playing experience...

Mod Dificultad hiperboreo V1_5_1

Mod Dificultad hiperboreo V1_5_1

Patch 13 comments

MOD: DIFICULTAD HIPERBOREO, (WISE BLADE) V 1.5.1 Versión en español. ¡SALUDOS! Mi objetivo es conseguir una mayor versatilidad y una experiencia de...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 88)

Hello! Your mod is great. Unfortunately, I get constant crashes when saving / loading:( Are there any planned updates and bug fixes?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi! Just wanted to ask if there are any plans to make this mod work with re-release of BoD? I've no idea how any of this works and i understand that it's probably A LOT of work for which you just don't have time, but if it's, maybe, just something simple to tweak it would be great to play this mod on a headache free version of the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
MBK_MBK Creator

I will try to adapt the "Hyperborean mod" to the new official version of BoD. If the new version of BoD can run with more memory and there are corrected some memory errors, so it will be great; and the "H mod" will also work better.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I've never seen a better mod for bod than this one, keep up the good work! You're gorgeous!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MBK_MBK Creator

Oh, thank you very much for your kind words! :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

MBK_MBK Привет! ебать капать ) вот ты зачудил мод! игра переродилось ! вааще супер махачь!вопросик можно боевую систему из твоего мода перенести в оригинальную игру ? или в другие моды

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MBK_MBK Creator

- I have divided the "Hyperborean Mega-Mod" into more versions, trying to organize all the pending work that I want to do; (the list of improvements and modifications already has 20 pages in A4 format). Don't worry, these errors that prevented saving-loading, are corrected.
Version 1.6 consists in to add new events and dialogues on all maps; are: 30% finished.
I am already developing Version 1.7, which consists in to add more than 30 achievements and rewards that change the whole game; are: 70% finished.
And also, Version 1.8, which consists of many more "game modes" and others complex gameplay improvements; in addition to HD textures; are: 85% finished.
- In V1.5.2, the improvements finished are: more than 75.
In V1.8, the new improvements finished are: more than 69. In progress are more than 22.
Total improvements, in November 2020: are more than 166 in total.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
MBK_MBK Creator

The "Hyperborean Mega-Mod", for the game "Severance Blade of Darkness"; with more than 165 complex modifications in a single "mod", improving the whole game in general!
V1.6 finished at 98.7%; whose development consists of finishing the extensive dialogues of all the maps and adding many more events.
Coming soon, already in progress: V1.7 with more than 35 achievements and rewards; and V1.8 with many more game modes and complex gameplay improvements, in addition to HD textures...
Greetings. :)

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey,please don't give up,your mod is so great, it rewamped the entire game and it feels so nice to have so many comboes and magical skills, don't Let the mod die like the others.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MBK_MBK Creator

Thanks for your kind words. I'm happy that you like it. :)
Well, don't worry, while I can I will continue working on the mod. The mod is software, I'm the one who is alive and who works to finish it... But I understand what you mean... :)
The next version 1.6 and the following, corrected and much more complete, yes I will advertise them more.
I am sorry for so many years of waiting, but there are always other problems to solve in the programming and in my personal life, which make the work more difficult and many times I cannot continue, for a time. Well, I said before that I don't give up.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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