This game is not related to the story of the Half-Life 2. Something goes mad because the human race failed in the experiment, and it connects with another world. The resident in the another world is crazy due to the mistake. We should restore the situation. As for this game, almost all are made only from the basic function of HL2. Having fiddled with the code for the chapter unlock is the only exception. You will learn the degree of freedom of the expression of HL2 is very high. K.S.(Koumei satou)

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ghostings says

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This is indeed a mod worth playing. Hell, this is one of the first mods I downloaded, which were selected with much care and after many positive reviews. There were parts that bugged out like crazy for me *spoiler* like the time when Alyx and friends didn't accompany me when I fought the flying tube. But the art design and mapping is indeed superior to many mods, and these days you just don't find many Half-life 2 mods where the Combine AND the Rebels are your allies. The custom bosses are an immense treat and the music is just plain addicting to listen to. This mod sports a rock solid number of 10 out of 10.

I dont know if this mod gets better or deeper the more you play it.
But I played this for like 10 minutes because it world is hollow and it looks awful. There wasnt much gameplay or gunplay or atleast something going on and for the story... all the hl2 characters (in a team with the combine)(using default voice datas) are concerned about akward spaceships and random portals letting out giant numbers.
->Nothing really appealing, quite the opposite, especially in terms of leveldesign.


I had started this a long time ago, didn't realize how close I'd been to the end! Started and finished this time. what a delight! Love the surrealism of the numbers dropping around. Even at that, there should be some internal logic to a game, and that's what lacked a bit here. The ending was somewhat anti-climactic and didn't seem to really answer any questions about what had just happened or why. However, that doesn't really affect the gameplay before you finish, and the gameplay is topnotch. Probably the only criticism I'd make there is that there are one or two sequences which are puzzle-y feeling, but rather than a "puzzle" solution to the situation, all you have to do is run fast. I like the difficulty settings! I played on normal and felt plenty challenged. Again, a couple of places where you get to feel entirely overwhelmed, have to play through a few times, and then find that just where you thought was too hard, it turns out to be the end of the sequence.

The psychokinesis bits are great fun, but I never really felt in control of it, maybe that's part of it, that you never really are and you must struggle with this power.

So definitely a winner in my book! And I've just read that there a number of secrets and hidden levels, so it looks like I'm gonna have to go back and play it through again soon!

It has such a rich atmosphere, it's not a master-piece, but it feels like it.


This has to be one of the most underrated mods out there, now this mod is about 40 mins long so you can play it if you don't want to play for a long time but this mod has alot in it. Custom bosses, areas, new allies, and ever a new way to kill thing at the end of the game. I'm not going to spoiler alot so you go and play this for your self but your going to have to get this mod to work by changing the gameinfo file, just go to half-life 2 ep 2 forums on steam and there will be a topic with fixes/updates for mods on there.

Awesome mod, even in 2013!! Reminds me of my days back then before Valve killed all these HL2-Mods with patches. Didn't work with steam, so if you want to play this you have to do it without it ;)


Koumei Satou is one of the best HL1 and HL2 mappers, the boss fights and the enemies are truly unique and epic, and the last part is just a magnificent use of the Havok technology. Have some fun with it.

Fantastic mod. Good Graphics. Great Adventure. You should make a M.O.P 2...



MarleyTBS says

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A Very fun mod, the story is great and well imaged, no problems to report however due to the steam update the mod was sightly gliched (had to change the mod id to 215 instead of 220) but this was a steam problem not the mod's, the mod was perfect and some of the mechanics of the game such as the combine helping the player to defeat other combine was very fun, Get This Mod!


Satiam says

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