It seems the gman and his government forces cannot keep Xen under their control. We all know how the government responds to something it can't be in charge of....blow it up ! Here's where you come in. The aliens, recognizing your impressive abilities, turn to you for help. If anyone can beat the gman at his own game it's you, and the aliens know this to be true. So begins your mission of mercy to save the alien world...... Hiding in the back of a big-rig, you slip into the compound. The science team has prepared the way for you, and Barney will help you when necessary. Not all areas are under heavy guard, but watch your back ! Prepare to take on the gmans best troops. Originally created by Dave Waters (see readme for contact details).

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Weperlol says

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A short mod with an ok story and good level design and it's quite challenging and the weapons are hidden so it's rewarding when you find one :P

You should play this in your free time.


poshgaloo says

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Mission of Mercy was actually quite unique in its own way. It's the first mod with Nihilanth that I've played at least. Though the mod has a few problems like lack of directions on what to do, it gets a 7 out of a possible 10.


alflife says

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Good Mod


Parad0x_33 says

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Very well made mod, i have to say.


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