Making Generals smaller in a big way. Sorta like Jumbo Shrimp.

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GuardianTempest says

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I think it's unfair to judge the quality of the models if they're shrunken down, making the topology less relevant. Still, I'll have to give this a relatively low score since the mod isn't feature-complete, like missing GPs and a form of secondary income.

That, and it's very difficult to finish Generals Challenge with this faction (I've made a personal patch to play GC with them). Small units make them very inefficient against their larger counterparts unless you reduce their price by 90%. But that's just a nitpicky note that shouldn't be relevant.

For a mod about larger-scale conflicts with small units (thus making the battlefield seem bigger), it does the job enough. There's still room for improvement.


ParrallelUniverse says

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Very bad models


Popscleman says

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looks like a 5 year old made this


WoodlandSniper says

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Nice mod in General. Although the units and buildings don't look very clean, it does add unique things that other mods just don't offer. The best part is the acceptance of some User-submitted Ideas. This makes the mod feel more personal to the people who would download it, as they may see some of their suggestions in the game-play.


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