MERP is a total conversion modification of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Explore Middle-earth in a fully open-ended environment like you've never seen before. Play races like Elves, Men, Hobbits and Dwarves and take part in the War of the Ring.

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Dec 9 2011 Anchor

Hey guys, noticed all the threads are locked and thought i'd post some of my ideas, and allow others to post their ideas since we're all big fans.

question 1: elder scrolls has no combat on horseback. i know lotr has many horseback battles, particularly, the battles of rohirrim. how do you guys plan on overcoming this issue?.

question 2: i read that you would be porting the mod into skyrim. if so, will it retain the same skills and perks, or will it retain some and add new ones that will work well with middle earth?

question 3: how r u planning on doing races and classes? if you still need help i got some great ideas.

question 4: will there be random camps of bandits, orcs and mages similar to the random encounters in elder scrolls series?

i also got a lot of creative ideas concerning side missions (tom bombadil), optional bosses (9 wraiths, smaug) , special items (mythrill armour, radaghast's staff), and so on. (e.g.: smaug's cave)

Also i noticed skyrim has a lot of elements that resemble similar art-styles to the lotr movies. examples include whiterun = edoras, windheld + makarth = minas tirith. riften = bree, tundra = gap of rohan etc.

Dec 20 2011 Anchor

@question 1: You heard about MERP & Blade? No, well let's let this Yotube videos do the talking ;)
Basically MERP & Blade is planned to add Mount & Blade-esque combat to MERP (mounted combat, spears, more realistic bow shooting, control of swinging/slashing with weapon, etc). MERP & Blade has ceased development for Oblivion, but is planned to be created for Skyrim.

@question 2: We're not completely sure how we want to deal with skills or perks for Skyrim. I can tell you that we do want to add some new ones, and take out the magic ones (since they have no place in an LOTR mod, only Maiar like Gandalf and Saruman could cast such magics, and Maiar aren't a playable race).

@question 3: Well Skyrim doesn't have a class system, which is fine with us. It means you can build your own kind of character. Planned playable races are mentioned on the front of our Moddb page: Beorning, Dunadan, Dwarf, Gondorian, Hobbit, Man of Eriador, Man of Rhovanion, Nandor (Elf), Rohirrim, Sindar (Elf). I think some of them should be renamed myself (like Man of Eriador to possibly Breeman, Man of Rhovanion as Northman, and Nandor as Silvan), but they're still essentially the same race ideas. Oh and in case you're wondering why we don't currently plan on playable Noldor (Elf) race: too overpowered. And as for no evil playable races: we want to focus on the Free Peoples right now, hopefully we can do evil playable races in the future.

@question 4: We'll throw in some bandit and orc camps for sure around Middle Earth. I'm afraid you won't be seeing any mage camps, since "mages" don't exist in Tolkien's Lore. The ONLY reason people like Gandalf and Saruman can cast such powerful spells is because they're Istari: they are among the race of Maiar, which are essentially angelic beings. Sauron and the Balrog are also Maiar, Sauron being the most powerful Maiar. "The more you know" ;)

If you have ideas, please suggest them on our forums (, we're open to new ideas. Can't promise if we'll take them, especially if they break lore. A mission involving Tom Bombadil sounds cool, I love Tom Bombadil :). As for optional bosses, the 9 Nazgul will be "very" busy in our mod, since they'll be chasing after Frodo and need to be leading Mordor armies (yeah, we want big battles in MERP). Smaug is a no-go: MERP takes place in the late Third Age, in the War of the Ring period, so Smaug is already dead (there are OTHER dragons in Middle Earth though ;)). We don't want many mithril items, they need to be EXTREMELY rare. An entire piece of armor made of mithril even more so. Remember when Gandalf said that Frodo's Mithril Shirt was worth more then the entire Shire? He wasn't kidding. Radagast should be carrying Radagast's Staff, just like Gandalf should be carrying his staff. "Smaug's cave" is literally the interior of the dwarf realm of Erebor (the Lonely Mountain). By the War of the Ring period, it will be fully populated with Dwarves.

And yes, we know that Bethesda takes a lot of "inspiration" from the LOTR films. We're currently going through the resources and figuring out which we can use for MERP and which are not necessary.

Feb 21 2012 Anchor

Hi, having a few issues with the 0.2.6 beta, i think iv done everything right but every time i run it it barely gets past the start up window and then a window pops up saying oblivion is not responding. Confused :cry:

Nov 21 2012 Anchor

Im getting the same issue!! can someone please help!!!

Jul 13 2013 Anchor

Im having the exact same issue guys! I can really use some help

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