MERP is a total conversion modification of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Explore Middle-earth in a fully open-ended environment like you've never seen before. Play races like Elves, Men, Hobbits and Dwarves and take part in the War of the Ring.

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Mar 7 2009 Anchor


1. Don't ignore PMs, MSN messages or emails. You must be contactable and able to respond.

2. You must be responsible enough to inform us if you will be busy or away for a while. We all have things come up in school, work or life generally that cannot be avoided but you will need to keep the Team informed or you might find yourself replaced or someone being assigned to do work you are already doing because you did not inform anyone.

3. All of the work you do for the Mod cannot, should you leave, be taken with you or disallowed by you for use in the Mod. Although the work never ceases to be your own creation (and you will be credited) the Mod Team have the right to use it by virtue of your tacit agreement to the same by joining this Mod


If you are interested in joining our mod team please post below in the following fashion:

(Skill type, ex: Texturer, Modeller, Voice actor, Designer, Scripter,etc....)

1. Contact Information: MSN Messenger and/or Email Address.

2. Modding Related Skills : What programs are you familiar with using and how much experience do you have with them? Can you code text files? Can you create concept drawings? Elaborate, what kinds of text files can you edit? Etc...

3. Post a sample of your work.

4. Lord of the Rings Knowledge: Even if you cannot texture or model, being a knowledgeable LOTR expert can make you an eligable designer. Note that LOTR knowledge will be very helpful in any position on the mod but is not required.

5. Why you want to join MERP-TC: What are your reasons for joining the team? Do you want a LOTR universe in the Oblivion engine? Or do you just enjoy modding? Etc....


Now go and apply! We hope to have some good talent and some dedicated members! Have fun modding and hope to see you at the development forums someday...

Thank you,

- Sir Eoran and the Merp team

Original text by Calzo.

Mar 29 2009 Anchor

I guess I'm the first to apply since this was released...

Contact: (if this doesn't work try this is checked daily but please note my time (GMT 0.00) pm's probably wont be checked frequently and I don't have MSN

Skill type: Designer (interior of buildings prefererbly) can sketch and script a bit (shown somewhere below)
Modding related skills: Can use photoshop and tes construction set with ease, I don't have 3ds max, so unless you know another way of making dds files I'm afraid I can't be much help in that front... I can sketch things out but for some reason people don't come to me so I stick to landscape etc...

User Posted Image
Quick interior I did.

User Posted Image
Script for summoning different creatures to certain spot.

User Posted Image
Dragon is activator to summon creatures at red marker.

As for Knowledge, I am currently reading the book (am about at third book, two towers), but already knew quite a bit before reading and have read the hobbit.

As for the reason I want to join the team, I downloaded it and think you've done a great job so far. The marshes look good, so does the shire (apart from the fact you can walk throught the houses) and Rivendell look beautiful. I already play Oblivion a lot and have experimented with a few scripts and mods and also quite enjoy that, but this is the first total conversion I'm getting into though because before I thought I didn't want any other game than Oblivion, but now I'm getting a bit bored to be honest, so I want to do something that will hopefully keep me occupied for as longer time as Oblivion has.

A quick note... I'm not going to be fuctional for the next two weeks, this week I'm doing GCSE coarsework and next week Im in Italy, though I will still check my email.

Mar 30 2009 Anchor

Hey, good you applying :D

I'll give ur contact to our supervisor, You then hear from then or me ;-)

Sorry for the long reply, I dont check the forums often as almost no one is posting something xD

But i'll speak to you, A.S.A.P(As soon as possible, if you dont know it :D)

Fangla MERP Developer
Mar 30 2009 Anchor

We always need more people, you should check out also check out;
Our Developer Forum if you join I'll have to set your profile-rank to Developer for you to see the DevBoards aswell.

"I guess I'm the first to apply since this was released... "

First on our MODDB board atleast :)


Follow MERP! At

Apr 1 2009 Anchor

I'm sorry about the late reply, GCSE coarsework has kept me busy recently, I've joined the devoloper under the same name I have here (spirit_tracks?), if it is possible, could any administrator passing by please set my profile rank to devoloper.

Apr 4 2009 Anchor

Ehm on the dev forum u should make a acc first and then they'll make a dev on the forum ;-)

But check and at the team page maybe ur in there, It takes a while before ur in the list. It happend to me, but i am still not in thel ist on Beths forum -.-! But hey i am in the list on our ning site :D

Ask Fang or Large Jack(aka LJ) for ur assignment what you need to do ;-)

Apr 4 2009 Anchor

thanks for the advise!

Apr 4 2009 Anchor

No problem, I am myself a rookie on modding, and we need to help each other out right xD

Apr 14 2009 Anchor

That's deep ;D

Apr 14 2009 Anchor

sorry cant anymore

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Apr 16 2009 Anchor

And why????

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