...in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.. Men of the Emperor: Burning Horizon hopes to bring the brutal, grim, dark and wonderful universe of Warhammer 40,000 we all love to the Men of War real-time strategy game franchise. With a small but dedicated team, we hope to bring as much of WH40K into the game as we can.

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Manticore (view original)

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The Manticore (Missile Tank) is a mobile missile launcher platform that can provide air defense with radar guided missiles and fire unguided rockets in an artillery role. Massed numbers of rocket armed Manticores can deliver a greater amount of bombardment fire than a larger group of Basilisks in a shorter amount of time, although the reload time is much longer. The Manticore is a flexible missile launcher system based on the Chimera chassis. It mounts a Manticore Missile Launcher with four massive warheads per salvo. Being able to fire a number of different shells ranging from anti-infantry oxy-phosphor to high explosives for anti-tank roles gives the tank a degree of tactical flexibilty, such as being capable of filling an anti-air role by firing surface-to-air interceptor missiles.