...in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.. Men of the Emperor: Burning Horizon hopes to bring the brutal, grim, dark and wonderful universe of Warhammer 40,000 we all love to the Men of War real-time strategy game franchise. With a small but dedicated team, we hope to bring as much of WH40K into the game as we can.

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Q: How many factions are planned?
A: For now we have 2 planned for initial release, the Imperial Guard and Chaos Renegades (no daemons or CSM) with Space Marines & CSM quickly following suit, but we intend to expand to every W40K faction (at least those supported by GW and FW, so no Demiurg or Squats running around) that the engine can handle without the usage of heavy duty scripting (sadly, this means Orkz are out of the question...).

Q: Will there be melee combat?
A: The Men of War engine despite having melee combat, it is quite poorly designed and never used by either the AI or the players. We will try our best to improve and turn the engine's melee combat into something actually worth something (and with that get Orkz to work as well).

Q: Will there be X chapter/regiment/craftworld?
A: We plan on releasing several known schemes for each faction, but specific units is still unknown without using multiples of that faction.

Q: Will there be multiplayer?
A: Yes, but we cannot divulge any details yet.

Q: Will there be a campaign?
A: Yes, but we cannot divulge any details other than the Salamanders & Imperial Fists will be present as well as our own 113th Cadian Rifles regiment created specifically for the story.

Q: Will there be a public release?
A: Yes, we intend to release a playable version for the public eventually but we currently lack the means to do so properly.

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