MEGA CITY ONE is the next phase in the combine invasion of earth. New types of mega structures for more efficient containment and gaining total control of the human race. You are part of a special unit of the rebels in search for a lost Xen crystal, which the Combine need to intialize the final phase. Loosely Inspired by movies such as "Dredd" (2012), but also with influences from the original Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. All of this might sound like a wild combination of entirely different genres, but it will provide a rollercoaster ride with variety rivaling the main games. This mod started from single maps I created for the Hammer Cup 2016 of RunThinkShootLive, which were all reworked, remade and improved based on all the feedback I collected with each mapping challenge. In addition there are brand new maps connecting the other ones, with a story-line that overarcs the whole mod.

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I am struggling with this one. As in I am very divided on whether on not I actually enjoyed it. The main issue here is the mod makes very little sense. It jumps from location to location with little in between to make sense. You even pay a little trip to the Undead Asylum of Dark Souls. There were good sections, as well as bad. There was a lot to think about here, in the end.

I'll start with a brief justification for the bad. Easily the worst part of the game as a whole is the first chapter. I actually considered quitting the mod before it even really started because of it. The combat in the mod gets pretty tiring with the 'single square room is flooded with enemies' type combat. This event occurs roughly a dozen times in the two hours it took to beat. There were other trope that were overused as well, mainly the 'floor breaks under you' trope that happened just enough times to become annoying. For the most part, the mapping was bland and uninteresting, and the lighting throughout was just headache inducingly poor.

As far as the positives go, there is just enough here to keep this from going under. There were a few sequences in the mod that broke the mold from the rest of them, and each of those moments were enjoyable. Some of these moments include the glass finale, zombie run, and the house shootout. These were all great compared to the rest of the game, which helped me remain entertained enough to complete it.

There is a lot more to critique here so I may make a formal and complete review in the future. For now, I will say that if you don't care about how pretty or technically good a mod is; you're just looking for fun, then this is a good mod for you. If you want something that's taking source to a new level, this is certainly not that.

Thank you,
Reeze The Vampire.

This mod does not really do it for me.

First off, lots of locations look really blocky, some even worse than Half-Life 2 due to a reliance on brushes (especially the inside of the megastructure).

Second, the level design is too linear and I constantly felt boxed in throughout the first 3 chapters of the mod.

Third, the combat is really repetitive due to the fact that most combat scenarios are encountered far more than needed (i.e. fighting a Strider or Combine Gunship with infinite rockets).

The mod does have its moments though. The entire fourth chapter is really fun and I find the first chapter to be pretty unique for a Half-Life 2 mod.

Overall this mod's negative aspects outweigh its positives aspects and therefore I am only giving it a 5/10.


I had no idea what to expect with this game, but I have to say I was very impressed. The graphics are on par with Half Life 2 itself.

It was like playing the Half Life games again for the first time - having to work out puzzles, not knowing where things are going to jump out at you, and not knowing the maps.

Overall, I would say, if you are a fan of the Half Life series and are looking for a mod then this is definitely worth a try.

"Mega City One" started out 'looking' like it might have some potential.

At the very beginning of this mod -- you are dropped into ancient ruins. The polygon count of the structures is fairly low -- and the graphics engine for the most part looks merely 'okay' (not very high quality) at best.

As you start out this mod with only a pistol and a crowbar -- I killed the first two antlions with just a pistol and limited ammunition. I hate it when the combat-difficulty level of HL2 user-made mods ALL OF A SUDDEN become 'unrealistically-difficult' after starting out being fair: Within a few minutes, I felt 'compelled' to use the 'impulse 101' (all ammo) cheat to fend off an acid-throwing ant lion as well as an additional 'normal' antlion -- both of which came at me at close range -- I had nowhere to run to and didn't have much health; I was certain that I could not kill them both fast enough with just a standard pistol.

Fairly quickly into this mod, some of the 'levers' (which activate bridges to walk to the other side of buildings, etc.) were off-the-bat 'non-functional.' This became more and more prevalent -- more and more levers also were nonfunctional -- hence, I began to be 'forced' to use 'noclip' cheats to enter closed doors that levers failed to open -- as well as unbreakable walls, that were SUPPOSED to break...

Only 5 minutes or so into this very 'amateurly-made' mod, I quit it altogether... My impressions were this mod was going nowhere and that it kind of sucked.

I rate "MEGA CITY ONE" 3/10.


This mod was a pleasant suprise. You can definitely see that it "borrows" a bit of level design from other games (Dark Souls, Resident Evil and Bioshock) but overall the mod itself is VERY fun to play, especially the last two chapters! The story is pretty simple, but the gameplay makes up for it. Also, the levels look great artistically. Each one takes place in a different setting, so you never know what comes next. Definitely check this one out.

Would be ok for half-life one era mod but for using episode two engine all you get is dull epmty boxed environments. Most annoying is you spawn with little health and ammo and forced to fight etc etc. Also puzzles feel like some serious sam sh!t. Story is inapproppriate for HL usniverse as well.


Meki says

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I had fun playing this mod but there were a few things I wish could be made better. For example, mostly at the first level, it feels like you are not playing HL2, but HL1. No models, everything is made of brushes (?). From the half to the end I had to play on god mode because of little to no ammo and health. How are we supposed to fight without both I don't know. Overall, it looked like a few maps and areas glued together without much thought...

This mod is awesome


rtpHarry says

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** spoilers / feedback review **

I enjoyed playing this mod. It's not the best but it is a good attempt.

Some of the areas could do with a bit more work such as the scale of the levels (walkways too fiddly, other areas too wide) and some more detail in sections.

Made a decent attempt at using various set pieces and some interesting scripting events with the destructible walls, slow-mo sniper kills, ambushes, etc. The half zombies coming out of the feet-level air vents was a good touch.

I think it overused it on the black the screen out a bit, just the amount of time before something happened wasn't right.

Couple of bugs I noticed was some of the junk on the floor in the pre-teleporter room is floating. Post-teleporter the base of it doesn't clip, not sure if this is the mod or hl. Out on the sniper street I spent some time trying to get to that crate which has been patched out now.

I don't know if I missed something but I almost stopped playing the mod within the first 5 minutes because I couldn't get the jump right over the first switch based moving panel puzzle. I kept just missing it and eventually cheated with a no-clip because it was winding me up. I also ended up cheating with the pre-teleporter room battle because I just ran back out and up the stairs and then blasted them from behind as they spawned.

Overall I enjoyed myself and came back for more, playing it over three sessions.

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Had a great time playing this mod. Even though it's not the prettiest one, but you can notice how much love and thought process went into it. How few levels got a lot of play testing and went through several revisions, it's all very noticeable. It's a mix of older Half-Life 1 mods and good early Half-Life 2 mods. Thank you for making this mod. Makes me wanna rewatch latest Judge Dredd movie.

Jan 9 2017 by Gunship_Mark_II