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Tanjitsu Rebalance Admin
Jun 21 2010 Anchor

This is coming under Wish lists cos its my wish list :D

Need more people working on the mod to produce to completly new content.
Ive done alot of error fixing and addin in some nice new features but nothing juicy.

Id love
A ship builder to balance the ships and sort out and minor hp errors.
A system builder to spice up the old systems with a fresh look.
A Universe assesor to collate universe wide info to best set locations of items factions ships ect.
Also like someone technical to workon control system menus ect.

and anyone one who wants to do anything else :D

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Jun 30 2010 Anchor

I don't have a clue on how to do anything, but I'm willing to learn. I'm disabled, so I have time on my hands to learn, and time to help make the mod better. Can you point me in the right direction to learn how to do what's needed? Do I have to know programming? Let me know.


Tanjitsu Rebalance Admin
Jun 30 2010 Anchor

@ morgansdad Ooo would be awsome to have some one else givin a hand :D

Freelancer is mostly just txt editing.
Easy once u get into it.

Only things u need to learn is what all the parameters mean, what will break it and what will fix it.
its mostly down to trail an error since no code for Fl was released from Dev's.

the community has logged loads of tutorials over the years..
head to Starport or lancers reactor site for tutorails an tips.
u can download my tools pack on here as not many of the tool have been updated since i posted it.

If you truly wana help on rebalance then mail me at
ill go over some bits with you ;)

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