Current Release 3.56 Rc4 Full - Mod is 200 Mb download and uncompresses to 550 mb, Use Freelancer Mod manager 1.3 to install.

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Listing of changes will be kept upto date with previous and future changes in full.

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Rebalance 3.56 Rc4 - Patch 2

Fixed all remaining errors produced in bini format by server.
Added missing hp for cruise disruptor to nomad start.
removed tractor beam from op/mp starting ship.
Patch 2 includes patch 1 changes.

Rebalance 3.56 Rc4 - Patch 1
Alteres changes made to Hp_Baydoors to allow for Cargo Ejecting correctly.

Rebalance 3.56 Rc4 Full

Added Voice Callsign dll
Options added to editor script (manual no. needed due to flmm limits)
Added New resolution template for people who use set 1680x1050
Added in Multi Cruise engine Dll. more stable option.
Added in new FLhook. (admins will have to check files to get used to updates were needed)
Removed errors % System encouters.
Added in Audio fixes from Startrader.
Added ENBseries graphics changes.
BayDoor HP's fixed.
minbari trade lane moved.
Ships now able to dock anywere.
Fresh Sur's alround thx to Lancer_Solurus.
Added missing surs for some solars / tags.
Corrected duplicate entries in some Equipment / ships.
Removed some depreciated commands.
Fixes to a few Ship Setups.
Changes to power usage.
Removed Improved nano / shield bots from MP temp.
GlS workaround changed.
Attempted to use bini's but still issues.

Rebalance 3.56 Rc3 Full

Hardpoint match
Loadout cleanup
Packages cleanup
Base screens alterations
Ship lv npc list arrangement
Empathy alterations

.Exe changes mean server and client require the patch for matching versions.

Rebalance 3.56 Rc2 - Patch 1

Toy system to minbari empire Jumpgate Info card bug - dropout
Dublin middle tradelane pylon to battleship hood - dropout
Planet crete dock ring (without docking) crashes
Planet Crete takeoff crashes
Planet Malta Take off / Land crashes
Carolina radiation damage
Minbari Names Overhaul
Jupiter observation station selling commodity prices list.
Des Moines, Iowa selling commodities prices list.
Earth system bases selling commodities prices list.
Nial empire jumphole in dublin name.
SP Mission 08, Shinagawa New York says "..all ships engage" crashes.
Rhino MK II (Trader Ship Yard in Faction Control)
Clydesdale (Trader Ship Yard in Faction Control)

.Exe changes mean server and client require the patch for matching versions.

Rebalance 3.56 Rc2 Full

Included Patch Rc2 into the installer
included Updated Global Server Workaround into the installer

Version 3.56 Rc1

Includes Uptodate SDK Files as base files.
Added War Music to fights.
Increased Prices for Upgrades.
Adjusted Starting Cash
Adjusted NCP's loot
Added FL Hook for Cloak.
Added Cloak to most ships, mainly fighters.
Changed Script Choices for Multiplayer Compatability.
Changes to Equipment files and Ship / loadouts.
Some ship still dont have cloaks - to be adjusted in testing.
Changes to LV required Cash for slower leveling.
Adds Multiplayer Wingmen.
MP Lv to 90.
Multiplayer Choices.
Starting Ship and location.
Faction Allighnment for wingmen.
Restructure of XML Menu.
.bat menu's rebuilt to refleft changes for none FLMM players.
Seperated Character Editor from main Mod for easy install / chang.
Complete rework of the editor for better game compatability.
Added in Serverside NPC + Group Options.
Added Nomad Multiplayer Start - Needs tweaking !
Added in 18 Player purchasable Bases
Added Purchase Base to Bartenders across the universe.
Faction Tag Removal added to a variety of Bases.
Code Cleanup and Error Check - Factions all matched.
Redundent Space removal from all files.
Cloaks added as start option as conflict with singleplayer.
NPC located on Faction controlled bases (go find your faction :)
Added back in Cluster missiles.
Wingmen removed completly from SP and added to OP and MP
Relocated certain obstructive objects.
Moved Mars onto the map in EA01.
Wingmen added to script as a chooseable option.
Added Tag to ships.
rewrote shield system to allow tags.
Rebalanced weapon sales slightly
Rebalanced Upgrade sales
Sorted Installer for Content.dll - Only prob is dll is removed on uninstall
universe wide error test and fix.
Roll Baby Roll re implimented.
Player Looting confirmed.
Shield changes moved from Slot 10 to slot 1
Adjusted npc looting for playerlooting as increased drops need picking up.
Adjusted empathy for final changes to faction system.
Universe wide error test and fix 2
Roll changes work but new button must be assighned for auto level fix.
Thrusters adjusted to increase span.
Faction Start Jump Adjusted
Faction Start Ship loadouts adjusted
Single Player Character Editor changes.
3 more ships added Tags

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