Current Release 3.56 Rc4 Full - Mod is 200 Mb download and uncompresses to 550 mb, Use Freelancer Mod manager 1.3 to install.

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For a full listing of changes see the official page. Official page will be kept upto date with previous and future changes in full.

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3.55 includes these changes from previous versions:

~ Totally revised Liberty factions and house ship models, loadouts and specs.
~ Partially revised ship models, specs and loadouts for the other 3 houses and the various remaining
pirate and commercial factions;
~ New custom fighters, freighters, and other ships;
~ New weapons, equipment, and bases;
~ New pilot types for each pirate faction and the commercial faction.
~ The F/A-37 Light Talon becomes the starter ship, and is visible in the cinematics as well.
~ The Talon is used by the Outcasts, Lanew Hackers and Blood Dragons and makes its appeareance in the Campaign as Kress' Men use it
in the attack vs the Rheinland Battleship near Shikoku Station.
~ Much-revised and stepped-up NPC loadouts (better weapons/shields, Nomads now can mount shields);
~ NPCs fly many custom ships in addition to original FL ones, giving you a chance to see and fight more diverse ships;
~ New ship explosion effects: watch out for exploding ships in fights now - when those fusion powerplants go critical (especially large ships/freighters), you can enter a world of hurt if you're too close! So be careful;
~ Tohoku system populated: patrols, tradelanes, planets, new Jump Holes, nebulae, and ... a few other goodies Wink
~ The Order and the Nomads appear in the Reputation screen - you can work for or against them, and it'll show in your rep;
~ Nomad Battleship encounters in the Outcast Unknown system: loads of fun Smile (and challenge, of course)
~ ALL ships have true strafing abilities now;
~ Aegir's "Roll, Baby, Roll" mod allows players to strafe up and down, as well as roll (this is limited, though). See your Controls menu in-game to start using these cool moves;
~ All planets spin now, and some systems are a tad bit more 3D, giving a more realistic feel to systems;
~ Corrected ship infocards/names and other ids numbers.
~ Added the Cylon Raider MKII, the Viper Mk2-5 and MkX and the Arc-170 starfighter.
~ Multifire cluster missiles with sounds are added as an option but be warned that these WILL cause the game to be unstable and random CTD's may appear -
so it's recomended to be used for OpenSP only since it's not compatible with neither the SP campaign or the MP...use it at your own risk.

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