This project was inspired by the Full Combat Rebalance 2 (FCR2) mod by Flash of CD Projekt RED. Formerly based upon FCR2 during the initial portion of development, it has since branched off and come into its own with a slew of changes. The highlights revolve around combat. These include improved parrying, free-form targeting, focused attack, and combat-based experience points to name a few. Most of the new abilities are acquired through character ability development. The player level cap has been extended to 96. So it is possible to completely fill the entire skill tree. Leveling will also slow down towards the higher levels due to progressive XP requirements. While a lot of the changes were allegedly spurred by personal preference, game balance was still kept in mind. But on the surface, the mod does tip the scale in favour of Geralt being a master witcher.

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zeusrs says

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Just great


Goro_30 says

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Gran mejora en la jugabilidad. Esta modificación se centra principalmente en el desarrollo del personaje, haciendo el combate mas fluido.


SerjTargarien says

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Installed this mod in my first full Witcher 2 playthrough. No regrets, much better than the base game for me.

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