Master Sword, a first-person MPORPG mod for Half-Life, was first created in 1998 by Dogg and Evaan. For over a decade now, dozens of developers have come and gone, contributing to and expanding the project. When Steam came about, the game looked doomed. But then, in 2005, Kuroneko combined forces with several members of the original team, as well as many new ones, and managed to update it for use with Gabe Newell's new beast, giving the game a full makeover in the process. Since 2005, we've gone from 11 maps, to over 50, from two spells to over twenty, from a dozen weapons to nearly a hundred, and added litteraly thousands of monsters, NPCs, quests, and features.

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First tagline choice: "Huge wait... Tiny patch..." Second tagline choice: "A patch so minor, pedobear would approve."

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This patch is pretty pathetic, given the delay involved, but hopefully it'll clean the current Steamtastic situation up, fix a few critical issues, and lead to bigger, better, more frequent things.

New Map

• Nightmare Edana (nightmare_edana) by Furion, Self Adjusting (Moderate-Hard), Disconnected

- Humorous little map. Post-apocalyptic "Edeadna"

- Custom scripts and models by Furion, and voice overs by SquareSoftKnight

Other Changes

• Double click fix now integrated.
• Recompile/resource optimization for Shender_East.
• Various efforts to ensure Hunderswamp_North behaves.
• Increased most Lightning DOT durations 200% and reduced damage by 25%
- Increases the accuracy debuff advantage (true for NPCs as well) [May undo, we'll see how it goes]
• Yet another stab at ensuring Bloodrose will not crash at Flesheater.
• Blood Blades now use Swordsmanship skill proper.
• Thunder Breaker's secondary now using Lightning damage proper.
• Some efforts made to ensure Glow doesn't fail.
• Pharaoh of Storms properly boss flagged.
• Various monster spawn stuck check related issues.
• Major applyeffect DOT optimization.
• Updated FN readme with current servers.
• A thousand or so other minor bug fixes and optimizations...

• RKS servers will be moving to the Steam Pipe version and should show up on the Server Browser
- (Hopefully no other issues crop up with that.)

Mapper Toys
• trigger_teleport's "delay" property now works like a trigger_multiple in that it disables the trigger for seconds before reset.
• Scriptevent ext_teleportfx1 now works for monsters as well
• ext_teleportfx2 - works as ext_teleportfx1 but without the visual effect and a more dramatic audio effect
• Monsters using base_jumper now take "set_no_jump" / "set_jump" as addparams and scriptevents. (Includes newer goblins, among others.)

New Lewts

• The Corrodinator
- First of the contest reskins to finally appear, this helm increases acid/poison DOT duration by 50%
- (rare misc epic)

• Icy Crescent Blade
• Flaming Crescent Blade
• Electrified Crescent Blade
• Envenomed Crescent Blade
- (Req: Smallarms 30)
- Various elemental flavors of the Crescent Blade with DOT's based on the associated magic skill.
- As mentioned before, any combination of Crescent Blades (elemental or otherwise) counts as a Matched Set, and thus receives no dual-wield penalty.

New Beasties

• monsters/bat_large - Large Bat* (32x32, 100hp, ~10dps, vermin, low)
- Larger, meaner version of the classic bat.

• monsters/bat_large_vampire - Vampire Bat (32x32, 200hp, ~25-50dps, vermin, medium)
- Vampryic bat with very aggressive and evasive flight model.
- Regenerates 10% maxhp per strike.
- Greater Poison DOT on every 5th consecutive strike.

• monsters/bat_large_shreaker - Shreaker Bat* (32x32, 300hp, ~50dps, vermin, medium)
- This bat generates a stunning sonic blast every 5 seconds.

• monsters/ogre_cave_thug - Cave Ogre Thug* (32x96, 4000hp, ~200dps, orc, hard)
- Large brutish beast with a chain of combo attacks, knock back, and slamming stun.
- More sluggish than most of the cave ogres, and unable to jump.
- Rapid passive regen scales with any hp adjustment (base 20hp/sec).

• monsters/ant_fire_warrior - Fire Ant Warrior* (32x16, 500hp, ~60dps, ant_red, medium)
- Giant red ant, periodically breaths fire.
- "ant_red" faction agros against pretty much any race other than its own.

• monsters/ant_fire_flyer - Elite Fire Ant Warrior* (32x64, 500hp, ~60dps, ant_red, medium)
- Flying variant of the same model. Hovers. Breath has push back and is used more frequently.

• Workers and black ants pending.

* Available and tested, but not appearing in this release.




A ******* new patch.

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