Mandate of Heaven is a custom singleplayer level for Crysis. Its action takes place in a public park invaded by chinese army renegades. The goal of the mission is to infiltrate the park and eliminate their commander, who established his headquarters in a sacred temple on the coast. It presents an open and detailed environment to explore, intense battles, and multiple ways to reach your objectives.

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Meki says

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This is a good mod and I had fun playing it. It was not hard, not very easy, just right. And the landscape was beautiful. I would definitely recommend playing this.

Brilliant mod, the first Crysis mod I've ever played I doubt the others can compare to this.


doby31 says

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A very enjoyable mod. Fantastically mapped, detail is amazing. There's always something to see in ever cornor. The end fight was great fun .Never had a moment of bordem!


This production can be summarized as "Crysis: Japanese Edition" ;)

This mod is a brief summary of what made Crysis worth playing, epic visuals, multiple ways to get to places, exploration that isn't mind blowingly dull, and solid yet flexible gameplay,in short; you should play this.
Extra Pro - the buildings and man made environments are more interesting to see and play in then the standard corrigated metal huts crysis mostly used.
Extra Con - minorly minor niggle being that the voice acting was recycled from Crysis, but really it doesn't feel out of place or forced at any moment from what I noticed.

Crysis 2 left me feeling a little cramped, claustrophobic, and a bit let down. I prefer the new streamlined Crysis 2 controls, but after beating Crysis 2, I immediately came to Desura to start modding out the O.G. Crysis - which, in my opinion, is a far superior game. Crysis: Mandate of Heaven is just what I needed make me feel positive about the series again - it's open world, it's got good voice acting, and it has just the right amount of challenge. Unlike a lot of the other Crysis modders on Desura, this modder knows a little something about optimization. I was able to run this mod with absolutely every graphical setting completely maxed out and I didn't experience a single stuttering frame-rate - and yet, the level design was detailed, captivating, interesting and beautiful.

As a whole, I had to give this a 10 out of 10. It's brilliantly executed and perfectly fits right in with the original gameplay. It's simply an action-packed addon that could seriously be considered paid DLC-worthy. The fact that it's free is just icing on the cake. If you love Crysis, there is not a single doubt in my mind that you would love this new mission.


Great map, nice gameplay, different ways to accomplish tasks. One of the best maps for crysis.


The mod is somewhat simple; it doesn't have an insane number of guns, unique objectives, etc. But I really like it that way. It's yet another experience you tailor to your own playing style, the way you would any Crysis level. The opening with the marines was a bit brute-force, but made for some nice action. I enjoyed the mod quite a bit.

Good Work

A marvelous piece of work.

The quality of the mapping is astounding and it's awesome how many routes I can take to tackle my objectives, resulting in plenty of incredible firefights.

A fun and unforgettable experience :D

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