Malevolence is a Short single player episode for the hit first person shoot 'em up Half-life.

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UrbaNebula says

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I don't quite understand why this has such a low rating. Sure it's easy to get lost and the lack or narrative often means you don't know what to do next, but for the most part it was ok. The level design was pretty awesome in my eye and there were some nice details added around the place to make it look like a pretty convincing work environment.

One thing I cannot get over is the model inconsistencies. Blue HEV suit, orange sleeves and an awkward blend of HD and LD models... Would have given it an extra point if those issue had been sorted out prior to release.



flippedoutkyrii says

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Another shoot-em-up in black mesa.

It was on the short side, and I see you never released the second part, also, I found it odd how there were high-def models mixed with the vanilla half-life weapons.


kellyX says



gorgulu03 says

oww ı love ıt ıts interesing


Qwertyus says

Unfinished, but still enjoyable.


TheUnbeholden says

It was decent enough but there where some illogical things, like the grunt taking the elevator and then when you press the button inside.. nothing happens? There is also a part after that where the grunt can't see you through the glass wall but you can see him... than there the 2 low definition weapons which feels very out of place with all the high definition ones I'm using...
Its also a very short mod with little combat. I felt challenged only slightly in one encounter in the big ware house hanger but than it ended before I felt if the mod was worth it or not. I think there is something here... it's just not had enough work done.


GoodGamePlayer says

This mod had a good potential, it's a shame it has never been finished.


gamefreak42 says

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house of the dead music in a short half life episode?

no good


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