The Titanic Mod brings people at one of the most detailed and accurate free 3D recreations of the Titanic ever made. It puts the player in a whole new storyline for the game Mafia.

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Titanic's Reversing Engine
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Great detail on that one

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Awesome as always! Also, the thing about the reversing of the ship's engines is false information with many still believing it and you are true that she would have lost all maneuverability if they did so. Though some still argue that it would have been better if the ship hit the iceberg head on, but at those speeds, I doubt it would have made any difference.

Keep the awesome work coming mate. Now matter how long, it is always lovely to see an update from you.

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MrRobville Author

It's also a strong case of hindsight bias. No sane officer would get the idea in his mind to deliberately cause a head on collision. Especially considering the extremely short time they had to make such decision.
Nowadays, after everything we know, and after thorougly analizing the situation from our comfortable office chairs, it's easy to point out alternative outcomes, had the officers acted differently. But truth be told, they couldn't have handled the desperate situation better, despite the doomed nature from the beginning.

Oh, and thanks! I appreciate it :)

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"Why have the engines stopped? I felt a shudder?"
It would require a massive amount of force in order to flip the reversing gear of Titanic's engines. A high pressure cilinder, otherwise known as the reversing engine would operate the main engine's excentrics in order to invert the steam flow within the pistons.
You would expect that this tremendous force would shake the ship as seen within Cameron's film. But that seems very unlikely, as by the time the ship would enter or leave a port, you'd have to reassemble the whole engine because all the bolts sprung loose.

Have a glimpse of the level of detail the whole engine will be modelled in.

Interesting trivia, within the film, one of the most dramatic scenes (and my favorite) is where the ship reverses in order to avoid the iceberg. In reality, not only would it take too long for the ship to effectively reverse within the very limited time, a ship is actually only maneuverable when thrust is applied on the rudder. Had the Titanic actually reversed its engines, her turning radius would have dramatically increased due to the lack of forward thrust on the rudder. So even if they could instantly reverse the engines, the officers still wouldn't have done so in order to maintain maneuverability.

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