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Currently our server and website is under heavy development so expect frequent updates. The mod itself is currently in Alpha and is closed.

Server features

  • Strict Roleplay
  • Custom map - Bornholm
  • Start money set to $10k to encourage money making
  • It's not all PvP, (structured and realistic roleplay)
  • Structured Police Department
  • Structured EMS Department
  • Housing System
  • Checkpoint Builder System
  • Robbing System
  • Government System
  • Surrender Actions
  • New Animations
  • Many Different Jobs
  • Custom Buildings
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Fair Admins
  • New Weapons
  • New items and clothing

Mafia Life Police Department (MLPD)

  • Our Police Department is very structured offering a player able to apply for both State Troopers and City police.
  • We use different police ranks for State Troopers and City Police.
  • Both sides will have different Police Departments around the map and will be assigned their own jurisdiction to ensure the police are patrolling everywhere!
  • Our police cars have different skins for both City police and State Troopers.
  • Depending on what rank you are in the police force will depend on what you can access from the police shops, this means equipment vehicle ect.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) & Fire Department (MLFD)

  • Here at Mafia Life RPG we want to make EMS & our Fire Department more fun for our players.
  • We will be implementing random fires around the map that EMS and our Fire Department can respond to and create a roleplay situation out of it. This keeps EMS busy if no one needs reviving and they aren't just waiting for someone to die.
  • We will also implement car crashes that EMS can respond to with fires on them, which creates a lot more roleplay on the server and keeps the EMS as busy as Police.

S.W.A.T / S.E.R.T

  • On our server we will have S.W.A.T and S.E.R.T available.
  • This allows special response teams to respond to things like bank robberies like they would in real life and both special forces will get different equipment and cars.


  • Police Department (MLPD)
  • EMS (MLFD)
  • Government System
  • Taxi Driver
  • Bus Driver
  • Miner
  • Farmer
  • Drug Dealer
  • Hitman (Bounty Hunter)
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Jury
  • News Reporter
  • Mafia Owner
  • Oil Refiner
  • Weapon Factory Owner
  • Business Owner
  • Factory Owner
  • Repo Man
  • Delivery Driver
  • Fisherman
  • Pilot
  • Towing
  • And Many More!

Why Play Mafia Life RPG?

  • We are a community just starting up and are open to new members! We want to grow and offer a great roleplay experience on our server and want everyone to have an amazing time! we want our roleplay servers to be as real as possible!

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Hello everyone, Mafia Life RPG has merged with a community Vision Gaming. We will be developing together now and we will be starting with our very own modded version of Altis Life. Before you think we will be like any other Altis Life server, we are starting from scratch. We will not be using the default Altis life mission and editing it, we will be starting completely fresh and the whole thing will be made from our very own scripts and from scratch. We want to do this to make it easy for people to enjoy a true roleplay experience and not needing any mods whatsoever! This is to build our community up and build a player base on our server. Once that happens and if it does we will consider going modded, don't leave us now because we aren't starting modded, the whole mission will be made from scratch so it will not be like any normal Altis life server at all since it's all created by us and not other creators like Tonic ect. Hope you guys are excited and I will be posting more information on development for the Altis Life server and then if we go modded then I will be obviously be posting development for that too. If anyone has any experience in Arma 3 developing then PM me we are always looking for new staff members!

Thanks again

Josh, Mafia Life RPG Founder

Application for testers coming soon

Application for testers coming soon

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Application for testers are coming soon, we are also hiring! Sign up!


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win will this come out

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