Lucium total war is a mod that takes place in the year 1700 all the way to 1850. Was released officially on April 20th 2020, the 2.0 version was released on the 14th of June 2020 and the 2.5 version on the 4th of July 2020. The 2.6 version as well as the South Americas campaign: Bolivars Revolution, have released on the 12th of November 2020

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Lucium Total War's 2.0 release is out! The number of features is very long and I will list them below haha. 2.0 is no simple update where you can't notice the difference, 2.0 changes the gameplay for almost every faction. New units, new events, new faction, new regions, the list goes on! Have a read below...

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To start off with these are the current videos that have been produced by members of the mod team concerning 2.0!

Now for the change list. This is a very long list and unless you are utterly dedicated I wouldn't read it all haha! But to just get a general idea of the scale of 2.0 i'd take a look...

Version 2.0 Change List:
2.0 is the version of Lucium Total war that has taken into account it's criticisms, its shortcomings and the planned features that didn't get into the initial releases of 1.0 and 1.2.
2.0 is the absolute pinnacle of Lucium Total War and will, hopefully remain unchanged for a while as the team can turn its focus onto DLC campaigns. Thank you for taking the
time to read the change list and thank you for playing Lucium Total War.
From, The Lucium Total War Mod Team.

You may have noticed that the Spanish Empire has a bit of an issue during the 1700s campaign in 1.2. They start with rebellions in their colonies and the oncoming collapse of its economy.
In order to make this campaign more enjoyable for the player, events have been added. These events include a second returning colonial army that arrives in the relatively early game,
in order to bolster the Spanish armed forces. If you had played intelligently, you would have mostly disbanded your armies to help save the countries collapsing economy, and there is also
an event to congratulate you once you fix Spain's economy, it does this by returning the kings purse to a positive number and gifting you with a small militia army. Hopefully this will make any
Spanish empire playthrough much more interesting!

Colonial revolutions:
In the 1700s campaign you may not be able to go to the Americas and fight for example, the American war for independence. However, I had always intended that the player would feel
repercussions nevertheless because of it. Now I have finally implemented it. When Britain gets the event for this, the French get the event for Haiti and the Spanish get the event
for Chile. They receive a returning colonial force as well as a hit of from 10k to 20k in gold in order to show the tax drop that these countries would experience from the
revolution in their colonies. This will hopefully spice up the late-game playthrough of these 3 factions!

I simply made it so that all adopted characters are much older than your other characters, this encourages the building of family trees rather than just adopting whoever, because now
adopted characters won't live very long and so won't have time to develop good traits, whereas your actual family members will. Just to balance out the fact that adoption and benefactors
are much less important than the ability to breed more generals. A minor change but a good one.

Unit Variety:
In both 1.0 and 1.2, the mod contained the same 3 units for all Europeans, of musketeers, then line infantry and then riflemen, for every single European faction. Now this was
never a permanent thing and was only implemented in order to speed up release by decreasing in unit variety. But now! We have variation, every culture group, e.g German, French,
Italian, all have their own unique Line infantry and Rifleman and the old 'European line infantry' and 'European Riflemen' have been discarded! The 'Musketeer infantry' remain under
the name of 'Common Musketeers' since they are not meant to be the staple of any proper army anyway and do not survive into the late game. A final addition to this is that of the
new 'German Home Guard Militia' who simply act as a uniquely named version for the 5 German factions. Just that little bit more unit uniqueness and variety to make your game of
Lucium total war that bit more engaging!

In the 1.2 release there was a serious lack of mercenaries. Being only 4 (Balkan Line, Burgundian Line, Italian rifles and Aristocrat Cav) and I thought that was far, far too little
for a mod of the scale of Lucium Total War. So I added 4 more. I will list them for you:
Celtic Pikemen (AOR = Scotland, Wales and Ireland)
Portuguese Profiteer Riflemen (AOR = Morocco and Portugal)
Swords of Islam (AOR = Iraq and a bit of Persia)
Siberian Nomadic Heavy Cavalry (AOR = Northern Russia)

New Unit types:
I only noticed after release that certain factions have more units than others, and I have tried to fix this by filling out rosters, for example, the Italian factions, bar The
Papal States, had no second tier pikeman unit. So I added one, and the same for Prussia who did not have one, and so I added 'Brandenburg Heavy Pikemen'. Another example of this is
Bavaria, despite no one ever playing as Bavaria, I saw they had no second tier unit and so I added a unique, more powerful Home guard unit called 'Bavarian High Guard'. Hopefully this
change makes playing as these factions, much, much more enjoyable. The final exciting new unit is the new 'dragoons' which can be recruited by all European factions. (European factions
being any faction that has northern, southern or eastern home guard) This mounted gun cavalry acts as the improvement on the reiter and will hopefully make the progression of the players'
armies seem more fluid rather than having the same kind of gun cavalry all the way through.

Rearranging tiers:
This is a very simple one. Some factions such as Westphalia had unbalanced tiers for their units, for example they received 2 units on the same tier (Tier 3) and then had no units
available to recruit anywhere else. So I simply moved one of them up a tier, I did this for Austria and the Ottomans as well. Just a little change, but I think, an important one.

Unit Battle Map Models:
Now this. This is the crown jewel of the 2.0 release. Almost every unit in Lucium Total War now has a unique model. Bar the various Light Pikemen, Generals Bodyguard, Home guard
and Heavy cavalry which are still to be changed. All light cav have unique models, absolutely all units with guns, even the 'Common Musketeers' have a tweaked model and texture and
all Heavy pikemen have unique models as well. On the battle map, all Generals and Captains are now more appropriately dressed, IE not in medieval armour haha! It makes me very proud
to say that Lucium has Battle map models now, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

I have heard from many people in the comments of the ModDB page and the Official Discord (See the article with an invite on the ModDB page if you'd like to join) that people would
very much like to see bayonets in Lucium Total War, and fair enough to them for this. At the time Bayonets were in very prodiminant use. And so i'm proud to say that in Lucium Total War
we now have Bayonet units. All Line infantry possess a bayonet once they enter melee and there are also many units that specifically use a bayonet that didn't before. For example,
'Greek Line infantry' are now 'Greek Bayonet Infantry' and 'Riflemen du Roi' are now 'Lifeguard Bayonets du Roi'. We hope you enjoy charging into the enemies firing line with a
Rifle that has a Sharp piece of metal on its end!

Unit speed:
This one is almost so minor it isn't worth even mentioning, however I feel people might complain or say it's a bug if I don't mention it here. I decreased the speed of cavalry and increased the
Campaign map speed of artillery, because before. Cannons moved so painfully slowly around the map that I found myself not using them because they weighed my army down, and so I changed
it to make the player actually want to carry around artillery for the sake of historical accuracy. As well as this I toned down the amount of movement points that Cavalry have, due to, for example, a
unit of cavalry being able to move from london to Edinburgh in 2 turns, which is completely ridiculous. Just a minor change that I don't want to get flack about.

Unit Cards:
Of course all new units have new unit cards. But the 'gunned frigate' and the 'advanced war vessel' had not been given unique unit cards in 1.2. However, as part of 2.0 these 2 ships have been given unique
unit cards that are similar in art style to the 'early steamship' and the 'pre-dreadnought' as well as this many units such as the 'arab home guard', 'alsace heavy pikemen' and 'Catalan Heavy Pikemen' had
unit cards from basegame units, these have been replaced now. We are glad that now we have rid the mod of this vistigal limb from the base game of medieval 2.

New Buildings:
Not really many new buildings in this update. Only 3, these being the 'Racing track' tree of 2 buildings and another extra level to the 'Sewage System' building tree called 'Public health Bureau'. These are both in
order to better manage public order as population, and therefore squalor, becomes a serious issue in Lucium Total War's late game.

Revamp of the Middle Eastern Building trees:
As of 1.2. Every culture group had the same buildings with the same building icon with only a few outliers such as the military academies and the final stage of stables. But the great
'Frozen Stag', on YouTube and Discord, worked hard to give new building icons to most of the trees for the middle eastern factions whilst I, the Lead mod Developer known as YaBoi,
changed the names of many of these buildings to suit the Middle eastern culture group. This will most certainly vastly improve any game as a non-European faction by properly immersing
you into seeing through the eyes of a real life non-European at the year 1700 AD!

New and better tracks:
The wonderful Lord_Ayedren, you may know him as 'Mithyc' if you follow his youtube channel, has spent countless hours picking out tracks and pieces of hopefully uncopyrighted
music. He has now replaced every single vanilla track with his own assortment of music for you all to enjoy. This will hopefully immerse you much better into the mod than before!

Historical Accuracy:
The excellent Athaeus has painstakingly redone the entire eastern-European part of the map, adding historical accuracy where I, YaBoi, had not in the 1.2 release. The factions
affected by these changes are:

The Kingdom of Prussia (All its regions, bar Mainz, have been rearranged and Mecklenburg has been renamed to Stettin)
The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth (They have gained what was once called the rebel settlement of 'Sarma' that has since been renamed, and a piece of incorrectly assigned Russian territory)
The Austrian Hapsburg's (All it's territory has been rearranged and it has gained Silesia as it had historically)
The Ottoman Empire (Only it's European regions have been reworked)
The Tzardom of Russia (Mainly just moving settlements around and the addition of the minor faction controlled, Kazakh Khanate being created)
The Swedish Empire (Estland is now called Vilnius and the regions' size has been tweaked)

Army Modernisation System:
General European Factions:
All factions have a standard unit of some form of 'Home Guard Militia'. These are always a weak and cheap spear unit with terrible moral. But I realize that this isn't historically accurate.
From about 1730 onwards spearmen weren't used at all. And so the first part of this army modernization event happens. The event will act sort of like the Marian reforms in Rome Total War.
When the 'Army Modernization' event fires, all places that could make home guard militia in European factions, this therefore won't change anything for the Ottomans, Persians and Moroccans,
will change them into a new unit called 'Regimental Home guard' This unit is a cheap unit of riflemen with slightly better stats than the old home guard. This will hopefully just add a tiny bit of pazzaz (If that's even a word)
into any European campaign.

Poland is where this 'Army Modernisation' event shines. We are lucky enough on the mod team to have a polish developer, he designed the faction flags and many other graphical changes such as the policy building cards.
He made it his mission to bring an interesting gameplay experience to Poland-Lithuania, and therefore a complete overhaul of every single unit in the Polish roster has been done. As well as this, when the 'Army Modernisation'
event hits, it will change the Polish roster more than any other faction, with many units being taken out and more being added in instead. This will hopefully make gameplay as the Polish actually enjoyable as it wasn't in 1.2!

The Acts of Union:
The 'act of union' event has gone through 3 stages in Lucium Total War's development. Initially there were british armies hovering outside Edinburgh on turn 1, with Edinburgh having an empty garrison, therefore you could just
walk in and take the city with ease. Then in the 1,0 and 1,2 versions, on turn 14 an army spawns outside Edinburgh for you to siege the city, then on turn 15 you take the city just as coincidentally the event fires. Throughout this,
Edinburgh has always been held by minor factions. But not anymore. An entirely new 'British Federate state of Scotland' faction now exists. With only 1 unique unit and not actually being playable, this faction acts as the surrogate
for the players roleplay. The faction starts off as an ally to britain. On turns 3 and 8, events will fire that tell the player exactly what is going on with talks concerning unification. On turn 15, I.E 1707, the act of union will happen,
Scotland is annexed by the United Kingdom. However, as was historical, the scottish people disliked being owned by the English and so on turn 17 the scottish rise up again. As part of this new faction, the Jacobite uprisings are now
actually represented by uprisings. This makes a United Kingdom campaign thousands of times better. And I hope none of you try and program in the Scottish faction as playable haha...

The Future (E.g, After 2.0):
We have already begun work on a South Americas campaign focusing around Bolivars Revolution and the collapse of the Spanish empire in the Americas, but what's certain is that 2.0 will be one of the last updates to the main European
campaign for a long while, not including patches when bugs inevitable arise, and the dev team will be working on DLC campaigns from now on. We hope you enjoy Lucium 2.0 and look forward to Luciums first DLC campaign!

Special Thanks:
Lead Developer: YaBoi/Urban_Hoplite
Creative Director: LordAyedren/Mithyc
Graphic Designer: Athaeus
Scripter: Rennat
Assistant Developer: FrozenStag
Helper: Pike


Finally! i was excited for you to update the units

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Ya_Boi Author

Yeah haha! I hope you enjoy!

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