The Human Life Safeguarding Project will secure humanities future forever. Inhabiting more than one hundred and fifty volunteers, this is the biggest revolution yet... so it seems. Emerging into the biggest scam known by men, you gradually discover you are the only one able to end this insane corporation and its uninformed workforces. Will you ever discover who you are and why you are here? The only reasonable thing to do is stopping this tyranny of humanity. The lost souls deserve to be unchained from the twilight they dwell in.

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Exellent custom story!


snthss says

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I finished it yesterday and I just wanted to tell you that I loved the Billy Mays scare xD (south park reference?). I felt really weird laughing my *** off while being frightened to death :D.

Big critique though: Stop throwing naked people at me. It scares you, but in a very annoying way (it's quiet, loud sound plays and stuff appears, I think that's what they call jumpscare?). Also, most of the time I could predict encounters (The ones in prison caught me off-guard though). I think White Night did a better Job there - I was in constant fear and had fantasies about what MIGHT happen. In this mod I was expecting another BOOM or AHHH most of the time.

But I liked the level design! Especially that kind of "villa" with the 4 different levels, with the gate to the fourth level having a lock on it that you have to melt. That really was my favorite part :).

Didn't like the "I should draw a map". I did not count steps and my drawn ways started to overlap at some point, making my map completely useless. I then started to randomly run around, until I reached the point where I wanted to get (which was also faster than attempting to draw a map). But I never played oldschool RPGs or P&P, so I'm probably just bad at drawing maps!

For me: a solid 7 :). Good job!


Extremely well made, one of the best I have played. Lots of time and effort was obviously placed into this project. There were also good scares and overall, just a good story line too.

I really enjoyed playing through this custom story. Using the penumbra/penumbra-like textures and such was amazing. I would recommend fixing certain doors and vents (some doors were not opening completely/ vents required an unnecessary amount of effort to crawl through, upon climbing a ladder).

If possible, I would also recommend finding someone to correct the English in your story, as you have already stated that you do not have the time to correct it yourself.

Should you create another custom story, I look forward to playing through it.


Relies too much on jump scares

Good job! Sometimes I got a bit confused but really good!

During the first 20 minutes, the same stuff we've seen before. Flying naked body, flash of a monster on the screen, water monster... the worst part is the precision jumps you have to do right at the beginning (bad way to start off... and bad thing to make the player do in a FPS game, especially one where you can't mantle or quicksave/quickload)
Thanksfully things get better after the first 20 min and we are given some really good level design all the way to the end.. and its a long mod.

Its actually got some depth now. Its still a mod about the aesthetics though and the scares are 'seen that, done that' kind of deal during the first 40 minutes or so, then those monsters start to take you by surprise so its clear the developer has some tricks up his sleeve...


This is (one of) the best custom custom stories by far (for us) !

25 unique levels, old and modern. (A game on it's own).

- Great sounds.
- very good level design.
- many adrenalin-boosting run parts.
- well placed scares.
- challenging puzzles in second modern part.
- effective atmospheric.
- original and facinating ending.

A must play !

One of the best mods to date for Amnesia, especially after the huge update that fixed the grammar and plot.

Best of the best!!!

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Exellent custom story!

Jan 30 2012 by Poleitor