I need to find that amulet... A monster is chasing me... I hope it won't reach me before I find the amulet...

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A monster behind the door smashing it for 5 minutes while the screeching music is played? It would work once, but when you face that part twice, it's not working anymore. You know the monster's there and you only need to find a certain trigger to make it come through the door.

Had problems with the drawers at the beginning, because of the house, they just kept closing. Very difficult but original puzzles I'd say. I had played it before, but had never finished it, so I managed to finish it now. What I didn't like was the monsters continuously trying to smash the doors open, which completely ruined the sound, I'd have rated 9/10 if it hadn't been for this.

This mod isn't scary, (is only repetitive) if you play this mod your amnesia game become very scary, but not for the jumpscares and the monsters but for the horrible structure of this mod


WOW...the monster can't even break through the first door... ****** turf graphics. Terrible. Needs plenty of work. I'd play it if it got revised.

this story doesnt have even an history and is too weird you don't what to do and the monster is impossible that him catch you


Good but I don't like the start where everything is turned at the side


WHAT THE **** DO YOU DO WHEN THE MONSTER COMES AT THE START??? sorry caps :) but otherwise cool map, the screen tilt is a pain in the ***


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Pretty good, I particularly liked your use of puzzles and adding a sense of urgency with the monster. I spent a lot of time in the first room trying to find the key since the room was all slanty, but that was fine once I found it. The only thing I didn't really like was that you couldn't choose a different ending: I tried walking to the darkness and running past the monster, but I just fell off the edge of the world. Great mod, with a good amount of originality that the Amnesia community needs.


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