With this mod I intend to make the men of war engine as compatible as possible with hand to hand combat...creating a 'New Age world' set in the year NA133. This mod will contain almost everything seen in the films and some of new content that has never been seen or heard of before from the 'New Age'. An alternate storyline that continues on many years from the ending of the last Lord of the rings film. More information will be posted as my Development team grows.

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This is my version of what I believe the New Age of middle earth will be like...All my ideas so no stealing ;) , Iv'e tried to keep it following tolkeins storyline, Hope you like it.

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____The New Age Lore____

After Aragorn the 2nd was crowned king in the year TO 2970, at the end of the war of the ring, the people of Middle Earth
proclaimed this new era as an early fourth age and named it the 'Age of men'.

It was refered to as the age of men as all orcs and other minions of sauron were destroyed, disbanded or like rhun and harad
were just too badly beaten up from the war of the ring that they would not resurface for centuries to come.
With elves fleeing for the undying lands out west all that really remain in middle earth are the men that faught for it's liberation

Aragorn the 2nds reign was unnopposed. Despite the dark times that followed the war of the ring, when the world was covered in a screen of ash
from mount dooms eruption at the battle of the black gate and the world was forced to endure and rebuild he remained king
until the year FO 120. During his leadership he formed many alliances with men thus reforging the old kingdom of Arnor.

When Aragorn passed away his son Eldarion Telcontar took to the thrown.

Now the great superpower that Arnor believed it was; nothing was deemed a threat to the great kingdom. Then gunpowder was born.

An adaptation of Sarumans original idea of explosive crystals during the seige of helms deep, and sold to the kings and queens of men by the late Gremur Wormtongue
gunpowder was now a weapon to be reckoned with on the battlefield. However Its explosive power and ability to pierce even the thickest of armours came from its
very core as the active ingredient of the ingniting powder was the very rare Mithril.

With the dwarves moving north slowly in search for new gems and more gold to fill their halls men take it upon themselves
to harvest this prescious metal for their own. The old kingdom of gondor having most of the control of this mining operation due to their already advanced wealth.
It was during this period when technology in this front flourished unbelievably only 200 years after the fall of the dark lord and the ring.

A new threat rises from the ashes of the east - Harad is ready for war...

With harad now a threat to the kingdom and its lands men band together for one final and fateful conquest of the desert lands of Harad.
Victory was certain however what was found in Umbar was a mystery.

The once lost palantir, was again found within the treasury in Umbar. Unknowingly kept there for an age by the pirates and tribals
just waiting to be discovered. Arnor annex the lands of Harad and proclaim it their own, appointing a lord of high blood to cleanse the lands and bring them into the new age.

War was once again over...however peace was just a hopeful thought. As the greed of men is too much to bear and fighting for the discovered palantir's begin,
and the hunting of the lost palantirs is ressurected.

The kingdom of Arnor splits off into houses and seperates under two seperate banners:
- The Northern States (Eriador , Dale , Rohan and other northern controlled areas)
- The Lord-lands (The old kingdom of gondor and its newly annexed Harad)

- The eastern wastes (The old enemies of men: Rhun , Nurn and far harad, take this opportunity to rise once more)

The kingdoms of men are torn apart and in their weakness evil grows stronger. An age of war has dawned...The New Age has begun.

Alternate 'New Age' Storyline Copyrighted by Thomas Bradshaw(Tommyb96) - Lead dev of The lord of the rings The New Age mod for Men of war assault squad 2


Awesome read the whole thing. its pretty cool you came up with all this, you have a very active imagination :)

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tommyb96 Author

Thank you , Im hoping to make a whole story and fully detailed lore to go with the new age...If im making the mod it might aswell have a background :)

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that sound very interesting ^^ but im quite hyped for a multiplayer before having a solo. why?
because there is no multiplayer mod for some science fiction or fantasy era out there.
even if its not very balanced i don't care. just so i can mess around in multiplayer with people ^^

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tommyb96 Author

There will be multi player dude don't you worry...I just felt that I needed a background to my new age era so it has some history and isn't meaningless ;)

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Will there be orcs at all?

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tommyb96 Author

i will be adding all of the characters and races from the films and books dude and adapting them for the new age

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