Lord Of The Rings TC is a total conversion modification of the Lucasarts
game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. LOTR: TC will provide players
with the experience of fighting as the many characters and
forces across middle-earth. Players will be immersed, as they
re-enact with infamous battlefields and locations. Gameplay
will mainly be focused on SP as you travel across the vas
locations from the Shire to Mordor.
Players will be given objectives specific to the
Lord Of The Rings Story.From attacking major invasions to
guarding the ringbearer, LOTR: TC will really give you a total
middle-earth experience.
The Levels are based on the events from the signing from the
adventures of Bilbo Baggins in the second age to the
destruction of the ring of power. The maps will be made as
accurate as possible from information in hand.Players will be
able to fight with each of their own characters unique
Each player will be able to upgrade throughout the
mod after a certain event, e.g. Aragorns attack strength will
increase after he receives the Narsil. Some characters may be
able to choose items unique only to them. Players will have
new animations specific to each character. After a sword is
retracted from play it will be put back into it’s holster on
the player, also bows, axes and daggers will also be given
unique animations.
As you play LOTR: TC you will have a total experience
of middle-earth and it’s peoples. We hope that Jedi Knight series
fans will become engrossed in fighting the famous battles of the
2nd and 3rd ages of middle-earth

The modification will be split into 4 seperate parts. It will be:
'The Fellowship Of The Ring', 'The Two Towers', 'The Return
Of The King' and the battles of the second age.
At this current time we are working on the 'Fellowship Of
The Ring' Levels in SP aswell as some MP functions.

Fellowship Of The Ring Levels
Escape To Bree -
Control Frodo and make your way through the
old forest with Sam, Merry and Pippin.Avoid
the Ringwraithsat all costs. Eventually reach
the buckleberry ferry and make your way to
Player - Frodo

The Path To Rivendell -
The ringwraiths has seeked you out at Amon Sul.
Control Aragorn and defend the hobbits at all
cost or the quest will be lost. Use Fire to
finally chase away the ringwraiths.
Player - Aragorn

Journey Preperation -
Control Frodo as he prepares for the epic
quest that awaits him. Make your way through
Rivendell on your way finding weapons etc.
Lastly visit Bilbo Baggins to recieve his
Player - Frodo

Defend the Ringbearer -
Gimli has discovered the tomb of his cousin
'Balin', the lord of moria. Goblins know your
presence. Control Gimlias he tries to avenge his
cousins death. Defend the ringbearer at all costs
by fending off goblins. Lastly kill the goblin's
Cave Troll as it seeks to destroy Frodo
Player - Gimli

Dual with Shadow and Flame -
You must assit Frodo too reach the exit of
Moria. Cross the bridge of Kazah Dum. Try to
stop the balrog of moria from crossing the bridge
or all hope of survival will fade. Using magic
control Gandalf as he duals with the balrog on
the bridge.
Player - Gandalf

Battle At Amon Hen -
Sarumans uruk hai have found the fellowship and
plan to capture the halflings and return them
to their master, killing anyone in their way.
Battle the uruk hai as Frodo makes his escape,
for if they catch him it will be the end of
middle-earth. Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn must
successfully make a diversion for Frodo.
Player - Legolas

Gondor's Glory -
Control Boromir as he defend Merry and
Pippin from the savage uruk hai. Once the
horn of Gondor is blown you must fight until
help arrives. Merry and Pippin must not be
be captured at all cost.
Player - Boromir

Heir Of Kings -
Defend the injured Boromir from the uruk hai
leader Lurtz. Don't let the lord of Gondor be
harmed. Control Aragorn and kill Lurtz in the
woods of Amon Hen.
Player Aragorn

(Other Levels for the other mod parts have currently not
beendecided if you have any suggestions please contact

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Fellowship Of The Ring Characters And NPC's:

Aragorn (Strider/Ranger)
Gandalf The Grey
Elf (For Rivendell Citizen)
Moria Orc
Uruk Hai
Cave Troll

Fellowship Of The Ring Weapons:
Aragorn Ranger Sword
Aragorn Bow
Basic Hobbit Sword
Legolas Bow
Legolas Knives
Gimli Axes
Gimli throwable axe
Saruman Staff
Boromir Sword
Boromir Shield
Balrog Flaming Sword
Balrog Flaming Whip
Gandalf The Grey Staff
Moria Goblin Sword
Moria Goblin Bow
Moria Goblin Shield
Uruk Hai Sword
Cave Troll Club
Ringwraith Sword

Special Weapon Abilities
Saruman Staff - Push (Force Push)
Gandalf The Grey Staff - Push (Force Push)
Sting - Glow blue when orcs are close (Not Sure If Possible Yet)
Arrow - Stick into walls and floors
Gimli Mini Axe - Stick into walls
Glamdring - Lightning (Force Lightning)
Balrog Sword - On Fire
Balrog Whip - On Fire



The modification will be split into 4 seperate parts. It will be: 'The Fellowship Of The Ring', 'The Two Towers', 'The Return...

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Realistic Aragorn made by JabbaTheHutt and was originally to be used in LOTR: TC

Realistic Aragorn made by JabbaTheHutt and was originally to be used in LOTR: TC

Players Skin 3 comments

A Realisctic Aragorn Skin made by JabbaTheHutt Originally to be used in LOTR: TC

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Hi ... JabbaTheHut please add MSN : .. and give me the Models... I need them or Xfire : amuza14sebastian Please contact me Please

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is this dead? and where can i download this?

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this died?

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Hey i'm makeing a lord of the rings and star wars mod called shadows in the dark (help me)

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Is Jabba Gone he stop on a cool mod?All i want is a lord of the rings mod for a star wars game.

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Jabba if this is releasd please send me it to

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Is it possible to download it?

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so sad it died :' (

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