The damp ground causes you to stir. You remember walking home when suddenly the sky turned grey and you started coughing. The last thing flashing before your eyes was the flash of an ambulance, the bright lights of an emergency operation, and the murmuring of voices. The town seems different, devoid of life and feeling. Replaced by nightmares and the feeling that someone, somewhere is watching you. As you roam through the town unraveling what had happened to it, and to you, you'll learn of the past and possibly, your future.

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Loathe - Beta Now Available!


Today I am happy to announce that Loathe v1 is available for download! After 2 years of work I've finally believe that the game is complete and ready for public players.

2014 12 16 00001

Above is a screenshot from around the time I first started this endeavor. I've always enjoyed making maps for Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike, so moving onto full fledged mods has always been in my mind. I've learned a lot through creating this mod, from story telling to actual level design, and I look forward to hearing from anyone who's playing my mod to see how they feel about what I've created.

hl2 2016 09 20 20 36 43 64

Above is a screenshot from the final release almost 2 years after the first screenshot. I've gone for a more Silent Hill style outside areas, and if you've played the demo at this point you can see where I got some inspiration from PT. I've always been a fan of horror/psychological horror games, and not being able to see everything around you at once has always been a good way to get players on edge.

Get Loathe Now!

Above is the link to the Beta, which I consider 99% complete at this point. I look forward to hearing any advice from fellow mod/game creators, as well as any comments from the player base.

Thank you all for reading, now have fun!

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Loathe - Beta

Loathe - Beta

Full Version

V.9 of Loathe This release is designed for Beta play, please report any bugs found in the comments section. Enjoy! If there are any issues with running...

Loathe - Pre-Beta Demo

Loathe - Pre-Beta Demo


This is a VERY early build of Loathe, and a simple 4 level demo. Much has changed since this demo was built almost 2 years ago. If there are any issues...

Fast_Train - - 592 comments

So, what can I say.

I start with general things.

There are many big empty spaces. The key word - empty. More props needed.
Work with the skybox. Blackness in loathe_01_02.bsp or windows is not good.
Repetetive but nice music. I enjoyed soundtrack. It's very fiting.
No enemy spam. Another thing I like. I'm full of mods where you kill more enemies than in entire HL2 series.
No healthpacks. I know, not the most necessary thing (I died only after falling) but few is advisably.

Now about some maps.

You can see map borders. Map just ended and blackness. No good. The same about invisible walls.

A. I. Disable error.
At the end of the map titles overwrite eachother.
Mod crashes to menu instead of loading next map.

Teleportation to the elevator doesn't work.
Another error with level transition. From console:
"Level transition ERROR
Can't find connection to loathe_07_02 from loathe_07_02"

And one suggestion.
Can you move text messages from titles.txt to loathe_english.txt?

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