this is a sneak preview for our upcoming project “Lightspire.” An Action Adventure RPG using the Cryengine2. We wish to turn lightspire into a commercial game soon. I know a lot of you are probably wondering what the game is about, what are some of the features, and most importantly, when can it be played; all your questions and more will be answered soon at the launch of the website in the coming week. However, the team and I have been working very hard on this project for the past 3-4 months, and we are just dying to leak out some of the work to the other fellow Game Development communities. Please keep checking in and exploring the websites, as once they launch, they will have all the information needed. Here at Lukewarm, we like to give sneak peaks with a bang… Allow me to say “The evolution of fantasy is on its way!”

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sorry, but it could be better.
the logo is nice but the color inversion isn't that good

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AshtonAndersen Author

Sure. It could be a lot better I agree, however it's better then not having one at all. Hopefully we can recruit someone who is a expert in intro animation to assist us.

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Just a quick suggestion here:

You could start with a more elaborate concept if you have some dedicated modellers/animators for a quick sequence.

Seeing as your logo has fire and ice on it, I'd start with a close up on a middle point of the black screen and have an icey freezing over effect growing in, forming the blue part of the logo as the camera zooms out. Same applies for the fire part. Do it at the same time and then you have a cool simple intro.

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Intro animation don't have to be "awesome". Just an image fading in and out like they did it a few years back looks probably more professional then this.

To make a logo with animations, sounds etc... you need someone who knows a lot about max/maya rendering and after effects.

You also want to think about the logo itself. What do you want the logo to represent. Take a look at some other logo's and see what kind of different shapes you can see within the logo itself.

The new CryEngine logo. I am just takinng a look myself right now and see what I can find in this logo.
-Eye (probably representing the graphics/looks/eye for detail)
-Matching colors referring to their previous engines.

There are more logo's with even more depth in it. There probably a lot more to the cryengine 3 logo then I can see, but it still makes sense.

This logo is 2 heads, 1 fire thing and 1 frozen world of warcraft character. I have no idea what it means.

Don't take this the wrong way, I am just trying to give you guys some helpful feedback.

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I think the logo is pretty straightforward. It's a couple of fantasy monsters, which is what they're dealing with in Lightspire, and they're on opposite ends of the temperature spectrum, which means that between them they are "lukewarm"

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AshtonAndersen Author

Actually, Lukewarm Media has a lot of meaning to it and has nothing to do with lightspire directly. There is a famous quote from Marshall McLuhan, which explains that there are two kinds of media in this world "Hot Media" such as Movies,flash graphics. Then you have "cold media" Such as comics, 2d art,etc.

As a Independent Game Developer we focus on all media both "Hot and Cold" which would make the blend "Lukewarm".

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