Lethal*Agents The Game To Sum It Up... A fast paced team strategy mod introducing new multiplayer elements that infuse an intensity and depth into already celebrated multiplayer game-types. In addition to the portentous multiplayer content, the single and coop modes will immerse all types of players and offer a new perspective on counter-terrorism. You'll be on the edge of your seat... Choose your Player Configuration & Get ready for Action! Game Modes Single-Coop-Multiplayer Single/Coop: (Play against AI Lone-Wolf style or with a team. One life per player per round) Terrorist Hunt: Simply that, grease all the baddies on the map. Terrorists are randomly placed every round to keep you from memorizing their locations. Killing all terrorists will win the round. Multiplayer: (Full Re-Spawn) Supremacy: Essentially Domination, where you have multiple satellites and your goal is to gain control of all of them by hacking its terminal which could take up to 10-15 seconds. The other team, of...

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Update on the current and future development of Lethal Agents.

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Firstly, after the release of Beta 1.01 we decided to take a little break. During our break Omega happened to "break" a bit more... Omega was in an accident that broke his leg rendering him out-of-service for a while.

Over the next few weeks Omega and I had many telephone discussions about what was needed to bring Lethal Agents to a state we can call "Final Release". As everyone well knows, we need a talented team of individuals that can help tie all of the loose ends. Not the easiest task to accomplish, in fact, putting a dedicated team together is probably the single most difficult task in modding. None the less, it is needed to move forward with this project.

During our overhaul we were offered with yet another opportunity to help create a mod which at first didn't sound like the best idea for us, but later, after a bit of discussion we all agreed it was in the best interest for both teams.

Omega and I have both been busy with other projects over the past couple of months, but we are still focused on finishing Lethal Agents. We have both learned a lot and have had many great ideas to add to LA. Omega has also been making tweaks in the code here and there as the SDK updates are released so it shouldn't be so difficult when we get back to it.

Feel free to check out what we've been working on and peep some of the talent that will be onboard with LA in the near future...


Shoot Ya Soon!

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