In the old times of Cyrodiil, before the second era, the elder council decided to make a pact with the largest vampireclan in the province – the Zargoth. They sweared that they would only drink the blood of slaves and bandits. It was an open rumor in the prisons of Imperial City that the “Chosen Ones” don’t get the freedom ... some said they never come back, some said they would go to a mysterious place. But all misdeeds of the council were covered up and over the years the pact was fogotten.Now, in the third era, comes the Zargothclan again. The imperial guard is faced with a mystery. A few corpses were found near the Upper Niben.Is this the truth? Or is there a larger complot behind it? Find it out. The hunt is on!

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Media Update


1. Table of contents
2. Team
3. Lightingsystem
4. [placeholder if i forgot something]
5. Teaser

Table of Contents

- Full voiceacting

- New weapon & armor-models

- New ambience sounds

- New creatures and enemys. All with own stats. So it's compatible with all Overhauls you can find.

- New lightingsystem (see below)

- Shortstorys to further and describe the Questline

- A new art of design. It's unique and more realistic then Oblivion. Also we created new HDR. It gives the maps many contrast.


:: Sagantor ::
Leveldesign, Ceoncepts, Sounds, Quest and Organisation.


:: Carcharoth ::
Leveldesign, Concepts, Levelscripts, Lightingsystem


We created a new system in Azraoth. Our goal was to create something unique that you can't finde ingame. The first point ist the lighting in the game. Okay, it isn't bad, but Bethesda didn't do a great job with it. You can make it better with some inspiration and creativity. So we ended up with this result. Now we can add "real" gloomy lights. Nice kind of atmosphere. One to go!

New Lightingsystem


There is a little teaser out there. Sorry that it doesn't show more. We want to create an ingame play video later.


Reminds me of Amnesia...

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Awesome! You got me Tracking you!^^

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Wow, very nice detailed dungeon... sounds interesting... I might just have to download it when it's available :3

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Breaking.Heartbeat Creator

@Silverwolf012345 & Henley

Thank you for praise!

Yeah, we know about this similarity between the Names "Azeroth" and "Azraoth", but be sure that it wasnt real our intention. No one of us have ever played or plays WoW ;)

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Not a original name

Azeroth? Azroath? Seriously?

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looking great... I'm tracking this mod

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Sweet looks great!

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