Legacy of the Dragon is a high fantasy mod for Mount&Blade; Warband which entirely revamps the map and the lore of the base game. The mod features a classical high fantasy setting with elves, dwarves, dragons, orcs, goblins, giants, wizards and so on. Legacy of the Dragon inherits most of the gameplay aspects of the base game but offers a new experience in a land of magic. The players will be able to create their characters belonging to one of the 5 fantasy races in addition to humans, cast various kinds of magic, summon undead and demons, practice alchemy and venture into dungeons in search of plunder or glory.

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A summary of the lore and factions of Legacy of the Dragon.

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Beginning of tenth century shaped the political landscape of Aejdaria greatly. First, circa year 900 an orcish chieftain with the name of Krogor united warring tribes of orcs and led them on a crusade against human kingdom of Drukia in southeast Aejdaria and founded the orcish kingdom of Piled Skulls, Aejdarian kingdoms abandoned their internal disputes and united against the orcish threat, which was how the "Aejdarian Alliance" founded.Beginning of tenth century shaped the political landscape of Aejdaria greatly. First, circa year 900 an orcish chieftain with the name of Krogor united warring tribes of orcs and led them on a crusade against human kingdom of Drukia in southeast Aejdaria and founded the orcish kingdom of Piled Skulls, Aejdarian kingdoms abandoned their internal disputes and united against the orcish threat, which was how the "Aejdarian Alliance" founded.

Circa year 920, Aejdaria have faced an even greater threat. The Dracolich and his minions invaded the principilaties of Yarasia and turned most of its residents to undead. He enlisted the vampire clans of Yarasia to his cause as well. His goal was to eradicate all forms of life from Aejdaria, which led the Aejdarian Alliance and the orcs to unite against the Dracolich. With his vampire servants' betrayal when they realized eradicating the life meant also removing any possibility of prey for them, the Dracolich has fallen.
This and the weariness off all sides led to stalemate between Aejdarians and orcs and the new vampire overlords of Yarasia. Yarasia and the Piled Skulls seeing their very existence will be danger when Aejdarian Alliance recovers from the war against the dracolich, formed their own alliance, commonly called "Eastern Concordat".

As the threats that caused the Aejdarian Alliance and Eastern Concordat faded over time, the weaker the alliances has become. Although not officially disbanded, in year 999, member kingdoms of both alliances might face their former allies in battle.


From left to right: Kingdom of Aslania, Kingdom of Baegeria, Tomuzian Federation, Kingdom of Iyalings

Kingdom of Aslania: One of the kingdoms that was founded after the fall of the Old Kingdom, original territory of Aslania contained the entire area from the Eye of the Dragon (the lake resembling the eye in the middle of the continent) to the west to former Drukia and Yarasia. The capital of the kingdom is Leonfair, the seat of King Leonnas the Just. Aslania is a hereditary monarchy. Claimant to the throne of Aslania is Eloisa of Dragonburg. Their special troop is "Knight of the Lion", a paladin.

Kingdom of Baegeria: Another kingdom that was founded after the fall of the Old Kingdom. Baegeria originally contained the area between Eye of the Dragon and the northern mountains. The capital of the kingdom is Etalon, the seat of King Equas IV. Baegeria is a hereditary monarch as well. Claimant to the throne of Baegeria is Chevalas the Impostor. Their special troop is "Knight of the Stallion", a paladin.

Tomuzian Federation: Founded after a series of peasant rebellions in kingdoms of Aslania and Baegeria, it is founded in Tomuzian Highlands, former territorities of both kingdoms. Tomuzia is an elective monarchy where the Highlords are elected from the tribunes, the local elected rulers. Although it was founded after rebellions against nobility, over time Tomuzia became the same as their overlords as most of these positions tend to be held by nobles. Capital of Tomuzia is Hightown, the seat of Highlord Kaechen. Claimant to the mantle of highlord is Laruno of Vineburg. Their special troop is 'Tomuzian Spellsword'.

Kingdom of Iyalings: Founded by Nordeg settlers from the northern continent of Nordegard. Iyalings, a clan of Nordegs, mixed with the local population of northern Aejdaria and today they resemble both Nordegs and Aejdarians culturally. The capital is Beorgoth, the seat of King Beorvar the Bold. Claimant to the throne of Beorgoth is Kolbaen the Wise. Their special troop is "Nordeg Berserker".

Rulers of Aejdarian Alliance, from upper left to bottom right: Aslania, Baegeria, Tomuzia, Iyalings


From left to right: Kingdom of Yarasia, Kingdom of Piled Skulls

Kingdom of Yarasia: Founded after the defeat of the Dracolich with his former vampire servants grasped the power. Vampire Queen freed the minds of the undead minions of the Dracolich, but many would claim they're still serving another master or mistress to be more specific, just as mindlessly. The capital of Yarasia is Dreadburg, the seat of power of Queen Waladeslawa the Undying. Claimant to the throne of Yarasia is Prince Wojteh of the Shroud. Their special troop is "Yarasian Necromancer".

Kingdom of Piled Skulls: Founded on the territory of former Kingdom of Drukia, Kingdom of Piled Skulls came into existence when King Krogor the Great of Tribe Shattered Skull united the warring orcish tribes and invaded the human kingdom. Orcs of Piled Skulls are on their way of the civilization, although they face resistance from both outside and within. The capital is Shattered Skull, the seat of King Krogor V. Claimant to the throne of Piled Skulls is Vaazu Gouged Eye. Their special troop is "Orc Shaman".

Rulers of Eastern Concordat, from left to right: Yarasia, Piled Skulls


From left to right: Church of the Saviour's Return, Arcane Brotherhood, Elves of Mistwood, Dwarves of Mount Dhugor, Tradeford, Cult of the Unburied, Sinnebul, Temple of the Flame, Adventurers' Guild, Thieves' Guild

Church of the Saviour's Return: Main religious body of Aejdaria that existed since the deification of the Saviour in the second century. The church is located on the tip of Dragonwood, where the Saviour allegedly killed the last dragon. Archpriest Taotthas leads the church and the clerics and inquisitors of the church can be found anywhere in Aejdaria. They wage an eternal crusade against any faction of undead and anyone they deem heretic. They believe the year 999 will witness the return of the first king of Aejdaria, "the Saviour" and he will lead Aejdarians in the final war.

Arcane Brotherhood: Roughly as old as the Old Kingdom, Arcane Brotherhood was first founded as the "thirteenth tribe" when the Saviour saved the human slaves whom dragons were planning to turn into dragonborn. Although the process was interrupted, these humans retained some sort of magical capability. They were trained by elven mages in the way of arcane. Archwizard Arcanus leads the brotherhood from his tower in Arcanice, the seat of power of Arcane Brotherhood and the only arcane university in Aejdaria.

Elves of Mistwood: Still led by the avatar of their goddess, the Lady of the Forest, Mistwood Elves live in their ancient homeland. They lead an isolated life where they rarely interact with outsiders, but are willing to defend their forest to death against anyone who would do her harm.

Dwarves of Mount Dhugor: Citizens of the only remaining dwarven citadel in Aejdaria, the dwarves of Mount Dhugor lost their home to a red dragon nearly a century ago. The last mountain king to rule in Mount Dhugor was Dhugor, who was made a refugee along with many of his people who survived. Although most of the dwarven race is scattered throughout Aejdaria, there is still a handful few, the Mountain Guard, who remain on the slopes of Mount Dhugor, leading the war against goblins and hoping one day they will reclaim their home.

Tradeford: Tradeford is an independent city state located between the kingdoms of Aslania, Yarasia and Iyalings. Ruled by Lord Rudolf, who was elected by the people of Tradeford, the city is home to many adventurers, mercenaries and the like.

Cult of the Unburied: The secret organization of necromancers that worships the Dracolich as the dark god of undeath, its headquarters is located to the west of Yarasia. Tower of Skullzow, which is believed to be the phylactery of the dracolich himself, hosts the lich Zarol and his acolytes. Sinnebul: Only remaining settlement of high elves. After the fall of the Elven Empire, rebel wood elves let a group of high elves remain in Sinnebul. It is located on the southern bank of the Golden Estuary. The city is home to both high elves and humans who settled in the city from Tomuzia.

Temple of the Flame: Located in the city of Lahabul across Sinnebul on the northern bank of the Golden Estuary, the temple was built by Zakhuran refugees fleeing from the Lich Pharaoh who has invaded most of the desert continent. Lahabese worship flames and led by the Flame Prophet Amaan. It is blaimed their faith is a result of the undead menace that has threatened Zakhura more than any other for centuries, as flame is the most secure cure for undeath.

Adventurers' Guild: Located in various cities in Aejdaria, Adventurers' Guild offers a home and place to regroup to many adventurers of Aejdaria.

Thieves' Guild: An organization of thieves and spies. Although banned in everywhere in Aejdaria except for Lahabul, Thieves' Guild is believed to be active and working all throughout Aejdaria in a rather sinister fashion.

NOTE: This article is a repost of an article that was originally posted on December 5, 2018 and then accidentally deleted.

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