Left 4 Theft is a major/total modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mod is slightly based on Left 4 Dead and will bring you the zombie apocalypse in San Andreas. Fight off zombies, explore the infected world, join factions and a lot more!

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Jan 10 2013 Anchor

Ive been playing this mod for a bit and I gotta say its one of the best total conversions ive seen so far(Thats speaking for options, very few bugs so far as i know.....I can attribute most problems to peoples graphix cards and/or settings....and developement) I just have a few suggestions, just putting out there. I'm only starting to mod SA or I would add these myself and try to help. Slow going though.

Undead Animals....I know its been said but add my vote in. (Things like the shark and dolphins could just be retextured for for effect, things like that) A good cleo mod for this made by @KRALDARK Title: Dog Attack Author Email: egamelar@hotmail.com
and Killer Shark cleo mod by ZAZ his website is (h-tee-tee-p:doubleforwardslash)zazmahall(duh-ot)de

Slightly lowering the zombie speed(they are decayed flesh no way they can run as fast as big buff cj)except the crawler LMFAO my fiance played it up until she saw that freaked and threw the controller and yelled at me for not warning her that was in it-dont change that :P, That being trying to protect the first person I saw I ended up killing him myself cuz too many too quick to allow me to kill them before they "ate" him. And/or the the distance of player detection(adds a certain level of sneakability and "Oh Shiz it SAW ME!!!" as opposed to constant bombardment like theyre psychic or something)

Add traffic....not saying a billion vehicles just cruising around though. I think adding a couple fuxxed up car models(along the lines of how roadkill from Twisted Metal 3 looked) that drive around in some places like maniacs could give it a more finished look. (Imagine like the "crazy drivers" cheat but with very very few cars, leaving the post apocalyptic zombie feel, but removing the silent hill random loneliness feel) Thats for those of us in free roam that want a car sometimes to just run over undead without having to run and run and run and run.....but the crazy drivers part makes sure that you have to work for your vehicle not just randomly find one as well. I personally would like there to be random vehicles spawned all over like they were left in the streets after an outbreak, but I understand that may be defeating the purpose on a few things. Maybe a few passable roadblocks with army trucks abandoned behind them like containment had been attempted.

Addition of some new building textures suggesting overgrowth....building decay. Possibly new damaged blew up buildings.

Litter the city with the junkyard cars, going from peds to zombies makes sense, going from hundreds of cars to like 16 does not(Sorry I replaced all the planes, 5 boats, all military and police vehicles, and a few cars with post apocalyptic versions. Kinda disappointed after loading up and not seeing any of them lol :P)

Now the bugs.....
Found a dealer on the south pier, after exiting the menu i was promptly dumped under the pier instead of by the guy, getting killed by a hoard before even pulling out a weapon i just bought.

I will continue to report any further bugs in the bug thread. Thanks for your time.

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