Left 4 Theft is a major/total modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mod is slightly based on Left 4 Dead and will bring you the zombie apocalypse in San Andreas. Fight off zombies, explore the infected world, join factions and a lot more!

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Zombie shooting is not the only thing Left 4 Theft will have to offer you. The mod will have a lot of new gameplay and content to offer you.

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In this article I will describe the features of the two game modes, Survival and the Free Mode. Both game modes are unique and totally different from each other, but most importantly, it has everyone something to offer.

In the survival mode you will be dropped in one of the five unique locations throughout San Andreas. The player has to fight endless waves of zombies and will get rewarded while surviving.

Survival Locations
The player can choose between five unique locations throughout the world of San Andreas:

  • Grove Street
  • Bayside
  • Mount Chiliad

Survival Rewards
The player will start his survival with only one weapon, a simple pistol. Very usefull for the first waves in which the zombies only have a small amount of health, but deadly in higher waves. because of the that, the player will be given a unique weapon each 10 waves. After every 5 waves the player will receive a health pick-up to refill his health bar. Zombies will get a little bit more max. HP every wave.

Free Roaming Mode
The free mode will give the player the ability to explore San Andreas in the zombie apocalypse and will cover the most content of the mod. You can simply go shooting zombies or do one of the many (side) missions or find military safe camps. Find cars to get around or find weapons to increase your fire power against the zombies. You can also choose to join on of the two factions, the bandits or the army. Both with there unique missions to complete. The choice is yours.

Key Features
The free roaming mode has some unique features which makes this mode even more unique:

  • Travel through San Andreas and find weapons to defend yourself.
  • Find survivors throughout San Andreas who will help you fight hordes of zombies.
  • Do side missions which reward you with money and weapons.
  • Find survivor/military camps with NPCs who can sell you weapons and give you missions.
  • Save your game progress in a safe camp or one of the assigned save points.
  • Join one of the two main factions: the army or the bandits.
  • Choose neutral factions like the Scavengers in the countryside.
  • Build up your own personal safe camp/fortress.
  • Take over enemy safe camps.
  • Save Las Venturas from total infection.
  • Travel through time to a few days before the zombie outbreak.
  • Find Cultist and Lawbringer camps.

Military/Survivor Safe Camps
The free mode in Left 4 Theft will feature safe camps, these camps are free of zombies and can be used to save your game, buy weapons or do missions. The first safe camp is found by doing a mission which will introduce you to them. The other camps have to be discovered by the player, and sometimes even be cleared from zombies before they can become populated/active.

Choose Your Side
After a certain mission you'll be contacted by the leader of the bandits. The bandits are a former criminal organisation who take advantage from the apocalypse and try to take over the city by killing survivors and destroying safe camps. After you are contacted you'll get the ability to choose your side. You can choose between the army and the bandits. Choosing the army will change nothing and will keep the concept from the military/survivor safe camps with an addition to find hostile bandit camps. When you choose to join the bandits you'll gain free acces to their weapon arsenal and all bandit camp location will be added your map. Instead of using the safe camps to get weapons, missions and save your progress you can use one of the bandit camps for these things.

Another feature will be the survivors, after certain missions a special survivor mission will show up on your radar. After doing this mission you'll be able to call in a survivor who can help you fighting zombies or do missions. Note: If you have joined the bandits you won't be able to call in survivors and do the survivor missions anymore.

Beta 1.0b features a new system, the fortress system. It will allow you to build up your own safe camp/fortress. When you choose to join the scavengers you will be given an old farm just outside Dillimore. You can save your game there and you will be safe from zombies there. At the farm there's a small sphere, when you go into the sphere you can purchase various things to upgrade the farm. Guards, barricades, fences and guard towers can be purchased.

Enemy and Infected Safe Camps
Version 2.0 will feature a complete new feature. The player will be able to take over enemy safe camps by clearing them. After a camp is cleared, the camp will be populated with guards from the player's faction. Same goes for the zombie infected safe camps in Las Venturas which can be cleared after a specific mission.

Time Travelling
A remarkable feature in version 2.0 and onwards in time travelling. After the final mission of the Bandit and Army storyline you'll be given the ability to use one of the two time machines in San Andreas which will be presented with an icon on the map. When the player steps in the machine he will be sent back in time to a few days before the outbreak when it's all beginning. The player will be able to experience the original San Andreas atmosphere again with a few infection elements like the recently and empty safe camps. In later DLC/mission packs, various missions will be available in the past.

Mission Packs
In the upcoming months after the release of version 2.0 and 2.1 various mission packs will be released which will give the player acces to new missions. The mission packs will feature new missions for all factions and cities.

Fortress Mode
Brand new mode featured in version 3.0. This mode will put the player in the middle of a pre-chosen location with a 'leader' character which needs to be protected. The player can place objects and buy upgrades to defend himself and his leader against waves of zombies which can be activated by the player. Each wave has 20+ infected including a hunter and smoker. There is also a small chance a tank will spawn with the wave. After surviving a wave the player will receive money to buy upgrades or place more objects. The player also has the ability to save his game between waves.


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the guard tower in the forstess mode doesnt have a guard upper it

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Can I uninstall this mod later on after installing it without affecting my game ?

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No... make sure you have a back up copy of GTA:SA before installing this mod.. it cant be un-installed :D

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nice mod! keep up the good WORK!

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Awesome MOD guyz love ur work :) KEEP IT UP ill be looking forward to download more amazing mods from you guyz.... THNX

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