Kreedz Climbing is a unique, non-violent, puzzle-type, 3D-First Person View game where the player attempts jumping and 17 other disciplines like shooting flare targets, racing vehicles, surfing, bungee, bunnyhop, longjump, or sliderace until he/she reaches the top (or end) of any given environment. In Kreedz Climbing no map is the same and can vary with any combination of these skills. It's a race against time and against other players with any discipline in the game.

RSS The Kreedz Climbing Beta4 Changelog

Obsessionsoft has ended the programming phase for Beta4 developement of Kreedz Climbing. We are getting ready for online testing and are still on track for a Pre-Christmas release in 2008! This is the game you have all been waiting for. A game with gravity which is now more immersive than ever before. Today we offer you the massive changelog.

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The Kreedz Climbing Beta4 Changelog:

Bug fixes:

1. Sounds, decals, WASD helpers, and footsteps work properly in demos.
2. Fixed the two beam bug on the Art Tool.
3. Fixed a major lag problem with sounds on the Art tool, the game became unplayable when alot of people had their art tools out.
4. You no longer jitter when shooting the Art tool. This bug was only seen while watching others use the Art Tool.
5. Network issue causing lag with Art Tool fixed.
5a. Art tool is completely client predicted now, so no more lag in any circumstances.
6. The player list now has a Mute function CHECK THIS WITH BETA3.1.
7. Spectator crouch bug has been lifted so you will no longer get stuck in crouch view position while spectating.
8. Custom soundscapes now actually work.
9. Flares are always non-solid now.
10. The speaker icon no longer stays visible while someone spectates you when they are speaking.
11. When using cl_drawotherplayers 0, you no longer see floating axes, art tools, or art tool beams.
12. The ugly decals that flares sometimes made have been removed.
13. Your view no longer jitters in lag circumstances while in a vehicle.
14. The delay on changing models has been removed.
15. Dynamic physics shadow is perfected, we no longer teleport when on top of a physics object.
16. SingleUse ropetargets now work properly.
17. The Bungee now time-detaches a player after 25 seconds on single-use ropetargets only.
18. The Customise Climber Dialog (CCD) settings are now saved properly by the use of a save button.
19. Fixed hearing an underwater sound after respawning or becoming a spectator.
20. The Bungee is now predicted on the client, and is useable under lag conditions without jittering.
21. The Bungee no longer creates a solid entity at the end.
22. Fixed the OnRopeUnattach output of the func_ropetarget
23. The view glitch while jumping is completely gone. We stand back up smooth as silk.
24. The rare bug where the Climb Timer flickers on screen has been fixed.
25. Several expensive calculation operations have been simplifed, reducing processor usage and lag.
26. When a player disconnects, you no longer see a message saying they have joined Climbers.
27. You no longer see blood decals when hitting solid players.
28. Falling through displacements is a thing of the past.
29. Fixed an incredibly rare crash relating to the trigger_legbreak and airboats.
30. Eye Mode spectating view is less laggy.
31. The airboat engine rotor now spins backwards if you drive backwards. (used to just disappear)
32. Corrected the "1" and "2" shortcut errors in keyboard options
33. Removed redundent console variable "mp_falldamage"
34. Falling sounds of impact are now material based.
35. Vehicles now work properly on dedicated servers.
36. You can no longer suicide while in spectator mode.
37. Script_ commands are now admin protected.

Gameplay Changes/Additions:

1. We can jump unhindered on a server across the planet with 800 ping as if the server was next door.
2. We have revamped the Medals system. There are 4 Medals now - Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze. A full explanation on how you get them can be found in the updated Players Manual.
3. The Special Items Shop (SIS) menu has been added and bound by default to "b". Buy abilities and fun things or effects with your earned medals. This also appears in the in game main menu after pressing ESC.
4. You can fire flares from within vehicles now using secondary fire.
5. The max players for servers has been raised to 32.
6. Added a 1 second delay to team changes; reduces team change spamming.
7. Added a 1 second delay to checkpoint teleports after starting the timer. It is the only way to get rid of timer cheating with checkpoints.
8. Added cl_righthand command for left-handed players. Set cl_righthand to 0 and Tools will appear on the left side of your screen (mirrored).
9. The Unlimited Bungee is no longer stripped by ropecontrol entites nor can the Limited Bungee be issued while you have the Unlimited Bungee.

Function additions/tweaks:

1. Players now have their own Overhead Name Display (OND). You will now ALWAYS see other player's names from any distance if the players is visible.
2. Players can now specify their own OND color in the Customise Climber dialog, and their name will show up in that color to everyone else in chat and death messages. It is even dynamic and will show slider changes as you move them in real time. It is set up like an RGB table so tons of colors are possible!
3. Added new entity: Trigger_flare. Outputs when a flare is within it, and also allows you to specify behaviors
4. Added new entity: Trigger_flare_interval. This allows a mapper to set a custom interval for firing flares, and a player within this trigger will use that instead of the server setting. Flares fired from within these triggers burn out immediately after hitting something to prevent lagging.
5. Added new entity: Trigger_checkpoint which allows a mapper to set checkpoints through his map that need to be crossed. Can be set up with or without time.
6. Added new entity: Trigger_nocheck will stop the player within its volume from setting checkpoints. (good for dances, surfs, and bungee courses or parts)
7. Added new entity: Trigger_playersolidity which toggles the solidity of the player who triggers it (good for 2 man cooperation maps ONLY).
8. Added new entity: trigger_player_movement_attributes Which gives/removes surf and bhop settings to a single player who activates it for any situation imaginable...even both at the same time(bhop and surf).
9. Various fixes and additions to the Create Game dialog, have a look the first time you create a listen server.
10. Added a (basic) mp3 player, this will be upgraded in future releases.
11. Wind breeze sounds have been added to accompany your growing speeds for a bit of reality.
12. Pain sounds have been replaced for falls and legbreaks with kzmod exclusive ones. Some are character specific.
13. The main menu has a calm looping sound now.
14. 7 new menu backgrounds have been added
15. Elite status is shown above your name now too
16. Teleporting has new effects
17. A few normal hl2 entities have been modified for use in KZMOD:
-The triggers _multiple, _checkpoint, and _once have been adjusted to work with vehicles, but you must use the spawnflag "Only Clients in Vehicles", and the output OnTrigger.
-Env_fade has been given an option to fade only for the player who activates it.
-The game_text and math_counter entities have been modified to allow the displaying of scores etc, read the entity properties descriptions for instructions on how to do it.
-The npc_rollermine returns as an anti-vehicle opponent only for race/derby maps (airboat). When a player is on foot, the rollermine will ignore him, but if he gets in the vehicle, the rollermine will pursue and attach to the vehicle. Its weight will affect steering, and it will electrocute the vehicle once and then explode. Rollermines can start buried in the ground and will be stationary, if a vehicle impacts them, it will stop the vehicle until it explodes 1 second later. Rollermines can be destroyed by flares, fired from within a vehicle or on foot.
-combine_mine's also return in an anti-vehicle role only for race/derby maps. If a vehicle runs over one, it will produce a large explosion which will seriously blow you off course. However, they are completely static and usually easily avoided. As you approach a mine, it's light will glow red to show that its armed.


1. Various new plugin events have been added.
2. A Mirc bot is now residing in our #kzmod channel on quakenet. Cup admins can start server tournaments from Mirc now like those of our KZ counterpart CS1.6 and Xtreme-jumps!
3. Server Admins using the Server KZMOD Cup plugin can directly start Cups now for those who want some more
competition. Melee, 2, 4, and 8 player cups are possible. Explanations of these Cups will follow in the Player Manual shortly.
4. Toplist plugins for servers are underway as some of you may know. Get on the servers and test your best runs
against the list. This is similar to World Records, but without the official rules!
5. With the addition of the flare trigger entities, we now have some brand new types of gameplay: AIM, Derby, and Target Races. Maps named kz_aim_mapname are mainly flare shooting maps of any sort. You can combine any type of gameplay we already have with the use of flare triggering to create even more types of puzzles than you ever imagined. See kz_invasion for the best examples.
6. Because of the nature of the flare triggers, maps made with only flare ranges will have to end up staying Singleplayer maps like the one provided with this update. The "ranges" and races seen in kz_aim_flareworld will not function in a Multiplayer scenario YET.

Model Changes/Additions:

1. Art Tool(AT-MLSv1) has been slightly modified for effect additions.
2. New standing position for idling. We only raise the axe now when we run.
3. The view model of the RPG now has the same skin as the actual model.
4. Lara Croft model has been added. We now have a female in the house so watch the language in here.
5. 2 new choosable axe replacements or more? *sniff*
6. New random idle animations for AFK players

Map Additions:

kz_aim_flareworld Single player map that shows different ways to use flares with or without vehicles. It's a Flare training map NOT meant for servers, by SoUlFaThEr
kz_invasion Invade Area 64 and shut it down, Jump/Flare/Bungee/Surf map by SoUlFaThEr
kz_bhop_arctic A slick bhop map in an arctic setting by Event....bring your jackets!
kz_computer A really cool kzmod historical map by Event
kz_fragmania An awesome looking ,mini-mixmap by FragGyver
kz_still A jump map with time stopped before an airplane crash by Millet
kz_oakvalley A jump map in a beautifully done huge tree by Millet

Map Changes:

kz_caulis received a minimap and that one small jump near the top was fixed.
kz_station was also bugfixed for shortcuts.
kz_minimania Tipii's LJ's were corrected(lol).
kz_cliffhanger Tipii's LJ's were corrected, shortcut fixes.
kz_refinery_east Spawn bug crashing servers lifted.
kz_refinery_ez Spawn bug crashing servers lifted.
kz_cathedral Spawn bug crashing servers lifted.
kz_metro Bug and shortcut fixes.
kz_caverns_deep Shortcut fix, new ents applied for 2man

Map Sources:

kzmod_entity_tutorial has been updated

New Cvars:

Client Cvars:
kz_hud_name (1/0) Turns on/off the OND.
kz_shop_auto_show (1/0) Allows the Shop Menu display to automatically appear. Default is 1.
kz_shop_auto_show_time XX set amount of delay in seconds before opening the menu after a medal is issued. Default is 3.
cl_righthand (1/0) Swithes Tool models from the right to the left side of the screen. Default is 1.
cl_custom_message will allow you to set your custom title ie: cl_custom_message I m teh rul0r

New Commands

kz_shop Opens the Special Items Shop(SIS)


wow! thats allot of fixes and updates :D

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Nice. :D

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